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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by wg100, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone have an example set of Platoon Commanders deliberate attack orders which they would be willing to send me? For some PJNCOs to practise orders extraction with.
    My imagination isn't working too well today...
  2. It really isn't that hard. Think up a fictional object; enemy dug in on a hill designated D19. Your platoon has to attack this hill and take the position. That's your bones. Next add detail as you go through the headings.

    GROUND: is it grassland, desert, moorland? Wet or dry? Flat or undulating? etc.

    SITUATION: The Soviets always seem to be the enemy. Think up some interesting background scenario; not too taxing.

    MISSION: To take and hold objective D19; to take and hold objective D19

    EXECUTION: How? 1sect provides covering fire whilst 2&3 F&M up and fight through? Again, think up something plausible.

    SERVICE SUPPORT: what do you have to help? MFC? Try to be realistic; two tank regiments and a Vanguard submarine are not likely to be tasked with supporting one platoon. atts and dets

    COMMAND & SIGNAL: who's IC, 2IC, 3IC? Where will they be? If the pl. HQ is static and defended, make sure that everyone knows that you've put up some barbed wire, so a runner doesn't injure himself on it or find himself unable to get at you. Radios; sort out all the technical issues now. Passwords and times of change;

    CONFIRM: ask questions and receive questions

    SYNCHRONISE WATCHES: make sure everyone is using the same time zone. In the UK in the summer, people will use alpha time as standard because it's local; don't assume they'll use zulu.

    SUMMARY: reiterate. Just in case someone's too shy to ask that burning question... I've got into the habit, if I have time during my appreciation, of noting the salient points down on sheets of A5 paper, which allows me to think how I'm going to express what I want to say clearly, and then giving the sheets out as handouts, so the people I'm briefing can look at the model and think of possible problems rather than just copying my every word.

    Apologies if this is obvious to you. Goes without saying, draw or build a model too.
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Is that how you do it in the cadets? There is no way you have ever been anywhere near a decent set of orders if you think that fire support comes under CSS, or the rest of the dribble you posted.

    More duff gen from people who know nothing!

    wg100, I will see if I can dig something out for you.

  5. G. group of men firing. e.g 4 section
    R. range....i.e 100m
    I. indication....eg enemy i fist left of centre arc
    T. type of fire....ie rapid fire

    ahhhh the army's useful umonics
  6. Oh Dear, a lamb to the slaughter
  7. As already mentioned, you have never been in contact with some genuine orders if this is your orders template...

    For wg10 pm me your email I have a set of fictional orders used for Officer Training.
  8. Why not check out e-nirex in arrsepedia!
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