Grateful if anyone can help with providing me with an example CV for AS OP. Your help as always would be appreciated.
..Whats a AS Op?
It should have something about losing your rag with the printer in it. Also that fact that you can hear a permanent whirring noise all the time. And the ability to type. Especially things like


As always Guru ...love your humour !!!! On a serious note ayone who can help with this thread it would be appreciated.
CON,FAC,SHO (more like)

As an ex-switch bitch its not that difficult or impressive these days - 2048 super groups are a basic 2-meg or E1.

just log on tinternet and research PDH & SDH (PACKET SWITCHING) - ends up reading like comcen proceedures 18 V'S ZCZC Bla Bla Bla.

speak to your yeoman - if he's switched on he should be able to explain it in Civvy terms or get hold of some one from your unit that has recently got out - i'd send you my old CV but I have not seen it since Oct 1998.

PDH & SDH is being ripped out every where and is no longer supported - company's want Cisco experience (have you any BOWMAN experience?).
Yes, last year was doing the research build up into cormorant and have the ppt slides and other info on that , i have already bid for my cisco routers course via resettlement.
Many thanks for that info the R Sigs one ive got already but the other one is great and even more helpful, again thank you.
Agreed that PDH is on the way out, but not SDH. In fact there's plenty of it out there and will be for ages on the carriers' core. In fact, I'm just putting in an SDH STM-4 metro area network for someone right now.

Cisco is also a very useful skill is you can get some of their qualifications under your belt. If you fancy taking that deeper learn more about their CallManager software - IP Telephony is getting bigger and bigger, so good skills are at a premium right now.

For an ex-infanteer, I'm a bit of a geek.
batus_survivor said:
IP Telephony is getting bigger and bigger.
Bang on the money, that man!

I reckon the Cisco CCVP and CCSP quals are looking pretty hot.

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