Exactly how much, to H. M. Treasury, is a British Service man or woman's life worth?

The answer, of course, is next to nothing. To the British Treasury, and the British Government, including the Prime Minister, money, is very, very, much more important than the mainly young people in the British Armed Forces.

From what we have seen of this Treasury driven and very rushed 'Defence Review' (read Defence cuts) no one should be foolish enough to put their lives on the line for the UK. No British political party, not even the Conservative party -at least those running it right now- regards the lives of British Servicemen and women as worth hardly a damn, when compared to saving money.

British political types should be ashamed.

So far as I understood it the first and most important duty of a Government is Defence.

As for the 'save money at any cost' British Treasury, they have killed more British Servicemen and women, than all our enemies combined.

The Defence budget is a very small amount of overall Government spending. There are much better ways of saving money than risking the lives of those upstanding enough to join the British Armed Forces.
In answer to the question: approximately the square root of zero.

How a government of any political hue, can provide billions, yes that is BILLIONS (£1,000,000,000 = one billion) to the unelected and unaccountable European Union in order that said institution can spend millions on building a palace for its 'president' is beyond my comprehension.

How any so-called government can spend billions building warships that cannot be adequately protected at sea (lack of escort vessels) and have no purpose (no aeroplanes) defies belief. If it would cost lots to cancel the builds (Labour 'scorched earth' policy), legislate in retrospect and cancel the stupid things.

How any government 'hell-bent' on saving money can spend billions on any person arriving in this country and holding thie hand out, is senseless. Trip over to Bulgaria or Romania and ask for a house, schooling, health services, food, clothing and top of the range baby-buggies for your never ending stream of children and see what happens.

How can we build a bonfire of expensive and meaningless quangos when the Chancellor has, in barely five months, 'invented' six new ones.

What happens when Nicaragua or Costa Rica invade? Do we all learn the Spanish for: I surrender? I know Costa Rica does not have any Armed Forces, but then shortly neither will we.

Tory Membership card cut in half and in the post on the way to No. 10.

It is evident that the reported £38,000,000,000 'black hole' in the Defence budget was a deliberate ploy by the failed Labour Government to destroy the Armed Forces by subterfuge. Why are there no steps being taken to arraign the politicians responsible, and the civil servants, and the 'brass' involved and charge the whole gang with malfeasance in public office amounting to treason? If no law exists, legislate retrospectively - again!
The only lives that matter to LIB/Con/Dem politicians are their own. The truth is the biggest threat to the well being and security of our country are the current breed of criminals who pass for politicians.

They have surrendered both their legal and moral right to govern us.

What a pity that there are no senior officers with the moral courage to oust these traitors, have them tried and executed then restore proper and accountable parliamentary democracy.

Are there any serving soldiers who wouldn't volunteer for the coup?
Whilst I agree with the sentiment, and in particular that surrounding the welfare State budget that already dwarfs Defence - I cannot help but thinking that much of this mess is of 'our' own making.

Billions down the tubes, wasted in pursuit of ill-defined white elephants, all in the name of single-service agendas and a misguided sense of our own abiliites.

What we should be blaming the Govt for is not knocking heads sooner, or procrastinating over difficult decisions.
Im sorry i dont see the point. Do you think that since probably Queen Victorias reign, that any Government has cared about the Forces until they are needed, and even then only after wasting money and lives. Whilst its okay to blame the present incumbents of No10, The erosion of the forces has been going on for decades.

If you think any other Political party would have spent more on Defence then crack on, all i see is people on here wanting to score points over whatever party they support.


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I thought the answer to the original question was "about £250,000". That's the figure I used to get told, when I first joined the MOD.
Where we are now is reality. I wont even call it the new reality, it was the reality all along.

The past 20 years have been a huge bubble, credit has fuelled it. The banks were complicit in it, as they made untold billions on the back of it, lending against it rather than traditional banking vis a vis deposits, and investment in REAL industry.

now its bust. everyone pays the price.

politics is rubbish, its economics which rules. Its not called "the economy" for nothing !

politics are the window dressing of the illusion, political parties mean very little. The banks want their money back.
Afraid I agree with scarletto. NO British Government not actively involved in a major war has ever, or will ever, put Defence at the top of their agenda. Gents it's a fact of life and we just have to live with, like servicemen and ex-servicemen have had to do for centuries!!
Isquared I totally agree. I have written to my MP about this kind of waste contrasting with drastic defence cuts, he is also the Chair of a Commons Commitee dealing with Foreign Aid. He got a good paragraph on that too. Not that it will do any good.

A teacher of mine in High School once told the class that the only man to enter the House of Commons with integrity, a solid plan and honest intentions was called Guy Fawkes. He finished by saying "You'll understand as you get older", how right he was. I think that the very thing that makes our Forces great have been their undoing. Namely that depsite being under manned, under resourced and tied by political ROE we always get the job done. Look at the Falklands, they binned Ark Royal a few years before we needed it, and its F4's and Buccaneers most. We still got the job done. No helicopters to fly the troops forward ??, sod it then we'll walk despite having inferior footwear to Argie conscripts. The politico's are used to us hacking it no matter what, it makes them think that we need next to sod all to operate in my view. Our cause isnt helped by the majority of the Top Brass, the very people who should be fighting our corner, being yes men to the politicians. Double whammied.

Years ago a visiting MP, who had a brief for Defence Issues, arrived at Kinloss. MT were undermanned and we were short of drivers. Two Nimrods had just landed, one off a 10 hour sortie. I was about to send one of the two drivers available to the MP's jet. I was stopped by a crusty Warrant Officer who told me to get the drivers into the crew buses and get the knackered Nimrod crews first. "After all", he said "We are always telling that lot we are undermanned, lets give them a living example of it and maybe they will believe us", "Fcuking *******" he added under his breath as he wandered off for a ciggy.

How much is a Serviceman or Womans life worth to them .. nothing. After all, if they really cared, Help for Heroes would not be needed.
Exactly how much, to H. M. Treasury, is a British Service man or woman's life worth?

As of the last pay review it is worth somewhere between £16,681 and £25,887.

Unless you're in or unless you're family, that has to be the bargain of the century, alas.

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