EX_STABs open to offers.

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by EX_STAB, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. Not exactly up for grabs but open to offers.

    Fill your boots. :D
  2. Don't be shy - tell us something about yourself. :)
  3. Are you an ex-stab?

  4. 50p :wink:
  5. Cheeky bugger!
  6. That's probably what he's after :twisted:
  7. Gawd you don't miss a trick! ;)

    For clarification. Blokes need not apply. No transexuals either!
  8. I see your 50p and raise you

    1 packet of Asda smart price bombay mix ( used)
    1 Birthday Candle ( used)
    1 lighter ( used)
    1 Party popper ( only included because the candle had welded itself to it)

  9. No people who can't spell "candle" either, especially when they're supposed to be edumacated Claire! :)
  10. I go to Bristol FFS cut me some slack, its not my fault daddy's not been able to afford the scribe since the Icelandic bank crisis

  11. All yours Womps there's no way I can better that
  12. Give us your 'vitals' then!
  13. What would you like? Chest, waist and inside leg? Or were you enquiring further? ;)


    You could run over and take a look! :D
  14. Oh go on then. Forgiven. Got any ideas for the candles? :p
  15. Age, salary........picture?

    Only men do the running here! :wink: