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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by EX_STAB, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Well having been out of training for err, ooh, is it really that long? I'm having a go at getting myself up to MATTS level fitness for may age (37)

    Press- ups are OK, I can do 40 in 1 min 30 although I had to stop a couple of times. this should improve.
    Sit ups - I haven't got anyone to train with so I'm trying to do these with feet hooked under the bed - 40 in 1 min 35. ( I'm sure I can improve on this too.)

    Run - well. Having not done any running for a good while (although I do a lot of hill walking) I want to strengthen my knees up first. I'm also overweight which won't do the knees any good either. I don't want to get an injury straight off.
    To this end, I've started cycling, doing a five mile circuit on my "chap's bike" (you know, "sit up and beg" type, straight bars, 3 speed hub gears). I've been doing the five miles which includes a couple of 1/4 mile climbs in 20-25 minutes although I don't think that's a measure of anything much considering the gearing on the bike!

    Question is?
    How good is cycling going to be for getting some weight off and strengthening the legs, especially the knees, in preparation for running again?


    Edit: Here's a training programme I found several weeks after starting off. I've put it here for easy reference rather than it being in the middle of hundreds of posts.
    Here's the full fitness training programme from this site:
    Visit the site and get clued up on how to get started before beginning physical training. Those who are really out of shape should see a GP first.


    Standards by age can be found within the linked document.
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    For the over 35s you are not far off the mark for the press ups and sit ups already. The chap bike will certainly help get the weight off - not sure about strengthening the knees. Do you find that the tweed coat and plus fours get in the way when cycling?

    I would go for the tried and tested route of brisk walking leading to jogging leading to running routine.

  3. Thanks Duke,

    I left the Tweeds at home for this one (how did you know?)
    I was cycling in a pair of light trousers, a shirt and a fleece and my work boots. I'm going to get some good running shoes (PT-03s seem to be the thing) and some tracksuit trousers before starting running. I'm just really conerned about wrecking my knees from the off. Do the sit ups help strengthen the knees?
  4. That sounds a good idea. Thanks.
  5. squats may help strengthen the knees...
  6. I used to be a bit of a fitness buff, although of late my sit-ups are more likely to involve reaching out of an armchair for a mug of tea!

    Cycling is FOUR times more effective than running for burning calories. However, it won't do a thing to strengthen your knees as it is non-weight bearing. Squats, as suggested above, are very good but be careful as it is easy to do your back if you start with too much or with bad technique. Squat lunges are also extremely good. When you start to get good at them, try doing them with dumbbells in your hands, it's an absolute killer!

    Sit-ups shouldnt strengthen your knees unless you are cheating! :winkrazz:

    Best of luck, keep the effort up and I'm sure you'll fly it!
  7. just remeber your heart is only designed to beat so many billions of times in your life time, if you do all of this horrible stuff you will wear it out quicker and die younger !!!!!

    Also do your fry ups in vegetable oil that should count as one of your 5 a day fruit & veg portions
  8. Well I'm still going at it. I'm finding it harder in week two. I particularly feel that the sit ups have really pulled my stomach muscles. I know that's the idea but I was very stiff today. I'm just going to do every other day for the time being. Press ups, Sit ups, Bike.

    Struggling with the sit ups now compared with day one. Why would this be?
  9. Your body needs time to rest and repair, doing too much of one thing is like urinating into the wind as you end up destroying muscle and retaining fat.

    Though in truth your body is probably in denial that your exercising :)
  10. Ain't that the truth!

    I'm in bits this evening. I went to do some sit-ups after my bike ride. I did one :shakefist: and thought - "I'm injured!".
    Seriously, I really have stretched muscles that haven't worked for a living for years. I then went on to my pressups. Bear in mind that first time out I did 40 in 1:35. I did ten and thought " I'm going to injure myself - best stop."

    I'd actually only done a light bike ride today, five minutes longer than my first time out but I really feel like I've taken a beating.
    I'm going to give it a rest until monday and just do a bike ride then.

    I think that the fact that I could pass the press-ups and sit-ups for MATTS from scratch first time out but after two weeks of exercise I can't is a good indication that I've started off at too fast a pace.

    All constructive comments gratefully received.
  11. Said it before but;

    I walk everywhere so thought my CV fitness was pretty good, then I went and fcuked myself by trying to do too much - I was doing what I thought I should do rather than what I could do.

    Anyhoo - my sister slapped sense into me and made me cut down and start from scratch and build up gradually and now a few weeks later all is good :thumright:

    I reckon to be honest STAB that you're in similar shoes - like you said, too much too soon. Try your one day on/one day off suggestion after 10 days/14 days progress to doing CV (i.e. cycling/gentle jogging) every day and strength (i.e. Sit/press ups) every other day still. Again after another 2 weeks or so you should be able to do both every day; but still rememeber to have a rest day each week!
  12. Well, my regime has been

    1 hr walk in the morning, 1 hr swim and then work, 45 minute walk at lunchtime and then beast myself in the gym. I have had days like today where I am fatigued and need to rest.

    I'm going up Snowdon tomorrow :s should be fun
  13. You feel like s**t cos it's something called DOMS Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness its when you rip your muscles doing exercise which i can assure you is quite normal as this is how they become stronger and your endurance levels increase! :thumright: its also called 2 day syndrome as you usually feel like poo 2 days after beasting yourself keep up the good work fellas :headbang:
  14. That's exactly it! Two days after.

    Thanks for the encouragement.
  15. So, should I sit out and let it go (May take a couple of days) or continue at it in a no pain no gain approach?

    Obviously it's more ache than pain and I know that if it becomes painful then I should seek medical help!