Ex WO2 Tom West (RAOC)

I am in the process of notifying all and sundry of the passing of my father, Tom West. He died this morning, 12th July after a long fight with cancer.

Dad was extremely proud to have been an Ammunition Technician. He joined as a youngster in the late 50's, seeing the trade as a road to fast promotion without much consideration for what he would actually be doing.

Although he served in Borneo during Confrontation, a spell at Didcot in the 70's, and time at the Army School of Ammunition, he is also likely to be known from his time at the Army Apprentices College, Chepstow, where he was variously:

August 1969 / December 1970 23507522 Sgt West AT (RAOC) – Sgt Instructor, Ammunition Technicians Dept.
July 1975 / December 1978 23507522 WO2 West AT (RAOC) – WO Instructor, Ammunition Technicians Dept.
March 1980 / December 1985 IO3 (Ammunition Instructor)
December 1985 / December 1993 IO1 (ADP & Quality Control)
January 1993 / March 1994 HIO (Assistant Quality Control Officer)

During this time he was also small-bore shooting coach for a number of years alongside the late ‘Johnny’ Johnston (spelling???).

We are yet to complete arrangements, but his funeral will be held at St Mary’s Church, Chepstow - Details TBA.

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