Ex WO2 (AQMS) Tony Pittaway

It is with great regret, that I inform you of the untimely death of Ex WO2 (AQMS) Tony Pittaway who passed away last Tuesday.
REME Collect.

O God of power and might, whose all-pervading energy is
the strength of nature and man, inspire, we pray Thee, us
Thy servants of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical
Engineers with the quickening spirit of goodwill, that as
honest craftsmen, seeking only the good of all in peace or
war, we may glorify Thee both in the work of our hands
and in the example of our fellowship, through Jesus Christ
our Lord.

R.I.P. Sir.
Just come back from the funeral that was held today in Swansea. A good showing from the old and bold of the Rugby world.
Always a character, and a pleasure to have known him.
Was working at Wimbledon so gutted that I missed the funeral.

A top man who helped me out no end when I was a Crafty and he was Q Armd. No doubts that I'd still be running around the hangars with the shell, hat and suitcase even now!!

Waiting on when he was in the Mess was emotional, we ended up taking as many bottles back out of the dining room as we did in, the only difference being the temperature!
I think it was Tony telling us a story whilst at SEE, whilst on our basic ECE course (1988ish). He had been at a Mess do, and got absolutely hammered, to the point where he shat himself in his Mess Dress.
He forgot all about this, until he dug his Mess Dress out of the wardrobe, and started to iron them for another do, the steam from the iron reactivated the dried in shite and filled the house up with the smell of rewarmed poo.
Our course in stiches as he described how he tried to scrape the trousers clean with a table knife, before abandoning the attempt, putting the trousers on, and attending the function. Apparently noone came near him all night.

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