Ex Wife and phone calls

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by 570mils, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Ok need some advice regarding the mk1 version wife.

    Does anyone know of a way that a blackberry mobile phone can record in call conversations when the phone is obviously in use? Evidence issues required regarding master570 and little miss570.

    Many thanks and greatly appreciated.

    Shall also try the NAAFI for a wider audience and possible response but do not expect too many sensible replies their, but worth a shot

  2. Recording a telephone conversation without informing the other party is a breach of the telecoms licence (yes, you have a licence), so would leave you open to civil action by the other party or OFTEL.
    However, it isn't illegal unless you wish to disclose it to a third party, which would include a solicitor. So it's fairly pointless.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Just tell her you're recording it. She won't believe you anyway.

    And use a digital recorder.
  4. Strange that - do you know her.....

    Easy to do for the phone line into the house but anyway on a mobile.....

  5. How is it illegal? Companies do it all the time, answering machines do it all the time....ok not a two way conversation ;). As long as one party in the conversation knows the conversation is being recorded it isn't illegal.
  6. And a proud grammar nazi too.

    How about using 'there' next time?
  7. To cover yourlself legally you have to inform the party that their call will be recorded, hence advisory you always get when ringing a call centre (your call may be recorded for training purposes).
    Most phones can record a call while in call.. Look for the options while you're on the phone. Experiment while your calling your answerphone or something
  8. That was my understanding as well. Maybe illegal because it might constitute a breach of contract?
  9. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Also bear in mind that if you tell her you are recording it, and she agrees to you recording it, she can also request a copy of the recording, or a written transcript of it.
  10. If you have access to the handset then their is software that allows you to passively receive any incoming/outgoing calls and texts made on another handset. These are re-directed from the host handset to yours and is one way traffic only i.e. you can only listen and not send.

    What you need my insecure friend is something similar to this little baby for the Blackberry. Im sure if you do some googling you will find something that will do the job but be prepared to spend a few quid.

    Phone Interception
  11. Mea Culpa.

    Missed that one through steamed up goggles of frustration.

    Insecurity is not the issue just a means to cover my arrse really.

    She has consistently changed details, failed to appear......i could go on but you get the picture. I need to demonstrate the obstructive way that she controls access to OUR children. It's hard to hold her to anything when you cannot demonstrate the original agreements and far be it for me to disrupt her own fantasy reality.

    And it appears there was an implication to rec ord her phone, not at all, just mine to ensure clarity. If she requires she can certainly have copies or transcripts, hard for her to deny her part then.

    Many thanks

  12. Keep a diary of events and, where possible, confirm arrangements in writing. If you write saying As previously agreed in our Telephone conversation of .......... I shall be picking Chardonnay and Percivale up from ....... at ...........

    As soon as you personally put that in a post box you have a contract, the terms of which are accepted unless she replies to amend the terms of the contract.
    If, after written confirmation of the arrangements, she fails to attend or make your children available then make a note of that. She can only cite last minute emergencies once or twice before a judge will see she is using the children as a weapon against you.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    So if I stick a demand for £500 through your letterbox and you throw it in the bin, can I see you in court?

    Thought not.

  14. Also - If they ARE called Chardonnay and Percivale - you don't deserve to see them!

    Have you thought about CAFCASS? They are appointed by the court to see to the childs wishes. The best way is to have a contact order through the courts if she is being obstructive. Be aware that they are VERY Pro Mum (at least the one near me is) and that the very nature of compromise is going to leave one or both Parents feeling that they did not get what they wanted.

    It will go, Court, Parents can't agree, Cafcass are notified by the court, Cafcass see both parents and the Children (without EITHER parenty there) Cafcass report back to the court and a Contact Order is made with the Childs wishes taken into account.

    Unless you are a horrible parent I don't see any Child saying "I can't be arsed seeing him anymore". Once you have the Contact agreement it should be gravy. Speaking from experience I would ensure that the order contains within it that any changes to arrangements must be notified (x) days in advance. We have 7 days in ours.

    One last thing, be flexible. The Judge will wave a big stick around if both Parents arrive with their t!tty lip stuck out, and as the Dad you will always be the loser.

    To sum up, if there iis genuinely no middle ground, get Cafcass in. They will at least ensure that the Children get what they want.
  15. If it was part of previous discussions then yes, you may, especially if the letter tells me when I should pay by.