Ex Wife adn Phone Calls

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 570mils, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Ok need some advice regarding the mk1 version wife.

    Does anyone know of a way that a blackberry mobile phone can record in call conversations when the phone is obviously in use? Evidence issues required regarding master570 and little miss570.

    Many thanks and greatly appreciated.

    Shall also try the NAAFI for a wider audience and possible response but do not expect too many sensible replies their, but worth a shot. However sensible replies appreciated too.

  2. Make call on speakerphone mode with another mobile recording on answerphone. That way you get the timestamp also.
  3. If you have a PC, Skype calls can be recorded on your HDD
  4. dictaphone (digital jobbie)
  5. If this is to be used in court, unless you have a court order saying otherwise, you must notify all parties on the call that the call is being recorded :D

    Quicker and easier for all if you just hold her captive in your cellar until she confesses all.
  6. Nice option but might put my FAC application in doubt.

    Have been offered a digger, large wooded area and help at court by a High Court judge in the past........but timing has not worked yet!
  7. A High Court Judge with a JCB licence and offroad driving training?? Excellent :D
  8. Good God no......he has a man with a JCB licence.

    Said flippantly on his part but I am not so sure where he is concerned.

    His suggestions for a pikey deterrent were a shotgun and a very large hungry dog..........
  9. Working in this area I can tell you that you don't have to notify the other party anymore that you are recording (you used to but not any more).

    Also, if the recording has to appear in court as evidence, the recording must be in what is considered a tamper proof format. Recording onto another network maintained answer phone might work. Recording onto a PC wouldn't nesc be considered tamperproof.

    The company I work for produces network side recording, with legally admissible evidance that can be used in court cases.