Ex-Wehrmacht Barracks used by British Forces

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Hitch, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. Have you ever wondered about the history of the Barracks used by BFG/BAOR? No doubt if you've served in Hohne you heard rumours of tunnels to Bergen-Belsen or ghostly figures in Osnabrück. I am an ex-Tom and nowadays historian researching the history of the ex-Wehrmacht barracks that the British used/use today.

    I'm interested if anyone has any imagery of these Barracks between 1900-45 or knows of someone (retired/serving) that does. Post 1945 Imagery is also of interest, particularly in the immediate period after the war.

    Just to wet you appetites, this is what I'm after:


    Follow the link to "two SPWs" to see Fallingbostel-lager Oerbke in 1944
  2. There are already several threads along these lines. I will gather some links for you.
  3. I was at ALBUHERA BARRACKS,WERL in the 1980s.The locals used to call it "Camp 6." I can only recall 3 camps in the area,our own, our annex where we kept our 432s, and the RMP Provo Coy next door,which is where BFBS were based in their early days.

    Being young, foolish and needing the money I never sought the other camps out.Anyone got any info.???

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  4. OldSnowy

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    Camp 6 was an ex-Canadian Barracks, hence the Bowling Alley, etc. Not that they were ever used once we took them over, of course.

    Th eother Camps were elsewhere is what was the Canadian 'sector', but not near Werl - Soest, I think.
  5. Try the Garrison Sgt Major at Hohne (BFPO 30), the old one had loads of old photos.

    If not, just ask NAAFI for a few pictures of the Roundhouse in Hohne, the Eagle and Swatiska are still visible above the entrance, despite the bullet holes.

  6. Thanks for the info.I don`t remember a bowling alley,I do remember the camp cinema. The camp was on the main road between Werl and Wickede,and was actually nearer Wickede than Werl.

    I suppose the other camps may have been nearer to Soest.The bright lights of which was several Ks away.Happy days!!
  7. Belfast Bks Onasnabruck was an ex Nazi hangout. On the guardroom cell bars at Belfast hidden by some sheet steel theres some lovley swastikers railings (If thats your thing that is)
  8. AFAIK, Montgomery barracks in Berlin-Spandau were 3rd Reich as well and Alexander Barracks dated back to the Kaiser (Both used by the British Army Berlin Brigade). RAF Gatow was built under the Nazis as well.

  9. Question: Were any of our old BAOR barracks NOT used by the Hun in WWII?
  10. You'll get everything you need from the Bundesarchiv in Berlin. I used it frequently when I was there in the mid 80's; photographs of everything and anything, and all well indexed.
  11. Yes, the Barracks in Werl mentioned earlier in the post were built after the war, as was Maresfield Bks in Herford, now demolished and Quebeck Bks in Osnabruck, so there must be others too.
  12. In Berlin, the Americans used a prewar Telefunken radio factory as their McNair Barracks.
    Roosevelt Barracks was the old barracks of the imperial guard rifles (Gardeschützen) during the Kaiser´s time (my great-grandfather served in this regiment as a sergeant before WW1. After he finished his mandatory twelve years he retired and became a civil servant, but got called up again in 1914 to serve on the Eastern Front).
    The Andrews Barracks were first the imperial cadet school, after WW1 they became an barracks of the Reichswehr. After the Nazis came to power, the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler was based there, they also executed lots of people during the night of the long knives (Röhm affair) in there in 1934. After WW2, the Americans took over.

    The French used the former barracks of the Luftwaffe Hermann Göring regiment and called it Quartier Napoleon.

  13. HQ Berlin Inf Bde was based in the 1936 olympic stadium.
  14. Already tried the Bundesarchiv in Freiburg who ran a search on my behalf and found zero. Apparently many photo's are without captions. But I'll try to visit myself at some point. I know that on of the retired staff officers at Div HQ in Herford - in 1999 - had some excellent pictures but can't recall his name. Retired Major, ex-RMP. Maybe someone knows who I mean?

    Any BFG garrisons perhaps got any old photos?
  15. I was at Montgomery Barracks (Kladow) Berlin late 80s. Pretty sure it was an old Luftwaffe Bks.I was also told that it had been the "olympic village" in 1936, hence the huge sports field etc,don`t know how true that is though.

    The "Berlin wall" was on the edge of the camp,and we were constantly watched by the east German troops in OPs which looked over the Bks.The "Berlin wall" in our area was basically a fence and was heavily wooded in places.In between us and them was a "no mans land",approx 100 m across,patrolled by east Germans.Malnourished looking guard dogs roamed the area too.Part of the fence you could easily move,and climb over ( akin to the interlocking steel 4ft barriers used by councils for crowd control etc).I know a few p*s*d up Jocks who went over and spent a few cosy hours sleeping in "no mans land."