Ex Utopian Vagabond 06

So, who's going and who's going to win this year?

Is it worth us taking the trophy back to Bovvy? :wink:
Bristol got it, well done them. We at Northumbrian (not Northumbria as everyone else kept saying - dammit I'm at Durham!) came fourth but would have done better if we hadn't been f*cked over by our DS on the night exercise. At least we woke him up for stag on three occasions. Bloody Sidi.
Indeed, well done to Bristol. CD, you weren't the only ones shafted on the night ex. We got marked down severly on the CTR for not moving through the woodblocks near our objective.

Choices.. a) Nice quiet path with good cover. or b) A woodblock with dry twigs all over the floor.

Got in.. got the information, didn't get compromised.... got marked down.. such is life.

Memorable moments...
Abusing the Bristol w@nker who wore bright green cords to lunch
The CE 2Lt (think she was CE.. maybe Tayforth), blonde and very tasty
One of the Bristol lads destroying a cistern (and his foot) and us being told to "Fcuk off" when we were taking the piss outside the block... Apparently our helpful observations weren't was funny as we'd hoped

Oh, and finally, how did that lad from the jock OTC manage to have hair that length... ffs, Bristol weren't much better. What was going on???
I would just like to point out, we at NUOTC did bring along the most attractive token female, I like to think. And what was with the guy reeling off all of the cap badges at the briefing! I think he embarassed his own troop. And yes, the idiot in the green trousers. Trying just too hard to fit in.

We rinsed that bloody machine gun emplacement too, despite what we were told. We blasted it with a load of automatic then got down to business providing fire support, only to have them unleash the GPMG at us. After a good ten minutes of this we were all thinking 'yeah! we get it, now just shut up!'

Bloody TA cav.
Was the blonde 2Lt yours then CD?

TA Cav.. that ginger ****** running the drinking games... piss off, I just want to get leathered, not destroy my suit.

Capbadge kid... yeah what a spotter.
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