Ex US President dies

Still, nice pic.

I dunno why, but I am liking Bush Jr. in his post presidency days. Even when has the prez, he seemed like a nice bloke, but a bit out of depth for conducting the duties of a prez, being controlled too much by people behind the scenes. At least that was my impression. Could be wrong.
I never met George W. (Bush 43) myself but friends have and like and admire him. When he went to NY city after 9/11 (the next day IIRC) he met with FEMA staff and USAR rescue teams at ground zero. He thanked them for their service and asked intelligent questions about their work, what resources were needed etc. He did the same after Katrina. Not photo ops with the press watching but he did allow photos by the rescue workers.
From a friend who was a general officer; after 9/11 and after we went into Iraq we had a number of troops over in Afghanistan and Iraq and had casualties (as did the British and other forces). My friend would often go to Walter Reed and Bethesda hospitals in the evening to present medals and meet injured soldiers. He said that on many of his visits he would run into President Bush 43 making similar visits to the wounded. Bush always made his visits without notice to the press and no media releases. A white house photographer would be with him and take pictures that the wounded could send to their families. His visits were almost clandestine but he wanted no publicity, just wanted to meet the wounded and talk to them.

My friend who was a general officer had meetings with Bush on trips back to DC from another country said that you had to be prepared for intelligent questions from Bush, he knew what he was doing.

Based on what friends have said I tend to admire Bush 43. Better than what we have had since.
Bush Snr took over in 89 taking over from Reagan’s economic success. Then in the early 90s the bubble burst and there was a recession. By 92, Bush’s popularity went down. Then came along Clinton with a fresh face and new ideas..(much like Blair in 97)

Bush was I’m sure a sincere man, but quite an average President really. Bush Snr didn’t really have to do a great deal on his watch ( apart from Op Desert Storm). Nothing really noteworthy when it came to George Snr, his presidency I mean.

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