Ex US Marine, Cop Killer pleads breach of Human Rights..

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by yamkwak, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. David Bieber the ex US Marine who shot and killed a Police officer in the back of the head pleads breach of Human Rights!!!!!!!!FFS:


    My BOLD, what the facts that whilst sat in the rear of the Police car he produced a handgun and calmly and coldly shot the officer in the back of the head.........Sure lets release him, shame we didn't ship him back to US, bet they wouldn't be so liberal thinking there about his sentence....
  2. I'm not outraged, because i don't believe the Courts are going to let this one slip through the net. (They've done a pretty good job of being quite sensible of late).

    My only concern is who pays for the lawyers? No win no fee? I suspect not.
  3. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    I'm with Robert A Heinlen re:- cruel and unusual punishements.

    They should be both unusual and cruel enough to make you think "Not doing that again".

    And I doubt they will go for the human right breach on this. Even the most tree hugging of judges would think long and hard. Any other kind of judge would think short and soft and say "Case dismissed. Back to getting dry bummed you murdering git".
  4. I'm sure he'd have received the same sentence in the US if not the death penalty in those states that have it.

    He might be trying it on with the EU legal system...
  5. Not outraged at the courts, YET, however no surprise that some scummy lawyer is trying the old 'my clients human rights were breached', well excuse me what about the cops human rights? And the same for every other murder victim, life should mean life, end of, that is after all what was agreed by parliament when they abolished hanging. Yet over the years the sentences have been eroded to such a shocking extent murderers are getting out after serving what can only be termed 'nominal' sentences.... :evil:
  6. Yamwak.

    PC Broadhurst was not shot in the back of the head, He wasn't even in a patrol car when He was shot.
  7. Oh really:
    ok my mistake it wasnt exactly in the car when it happened, but he still shot the cop in the head al la Coup de grâce, stylee...So were was he shot then Sven?
  8. well doesn't it sort of but not in prison? Anybody who gets life but let out after whatever tariff is imposed is "on licence" or something like parole for the rest of their life & can go back if they break the terms.
  9. Well thats ok then Mac, would you be happy if a murderer who killed a member of your family, served a 'p1ssy' sentence then got released on 'life licence'. Me i would be a bit peeved to say the least. And even if they are on Licence they still have to be caught commiting offences to be sent back. So good chance they return to their old lifestyle, ie thieving, drug dealing etc.even a spot of repeat murder for a few of them....
  10. You Sure? I thought the in-car recorder caught it all via audio... and poss vid? Anyway, wot the feck are you picking on minor detail for...... 'f'kin murdered him didn't he?

    Yes Sven I suppose Yam has thoughtfully violated the caahnts Human Rights too now... let him go eh? Spanner
  11. yeah, agree, was just clarifying things that's all
  12. Thats ok mate, not having a go. Me I know we have one DOUBLE yes DOUBLE murderer on licence on our 'patch'. The f00ker just gets his minions to do all the dirty work, well known and runs your typical fly by night thug style security firm (from a distance of course all in his wifes name... :roll: ).
  13. I fully support the man's call to 'only' do a 30 stretch.

    Then he should be released and kicked to death by feral youths.

    Semper Fi and rot in hell you cnut.
  14. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    In this case, life should mean life - as in the removal of. He took one, tried to take a few more - just take his. Fuck him.
  15. Without wanting to upset the mods (I'd rather not get an 02 tag!) can I ask why was this post moved to Multinational? Its in the UK news about a UK criminal case and possibly having effect on uk citizens. I know the offendor is a yank, but its still Brit news. Just asking of course.... :?