Ex UK SF Operator Accuses Dutch of Not Providing Apache Support for His Patrol

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. The Dutch do have previous for leaving folk in the lurch. Pretty wierd view of what being in an Army is all about - a Dutch full Col was just about in tears explaining how hard it was being away from home for so long. 20 + years service and the first time he'd been on Ops.

    ...on the other hand I've seen Dutch EOD strip off their national flags to help us when what we were doing was outside their ROE in the Balkans.
  2. well he has a book coming out............free publicity?
  3. Apologies-I was using UK in the commonwealth sense in that the author of the book is "a former SAS soldier and ex-Royal Marine."
  4. Surely you are not suggesting that an author of such a book would stoop to such an artifice?
  5. If you read Cloggie's link it says that the Aussie commanders were worried that assisting the Dutch would break their own ROE's. How crap is that? Wasn't so long ago the Daily Wail and the Scum were accusing German troops of being remfs because they wouldn't help us when we were in the shi-ite. Again something to do with ROE's. Surely when the the fan is expelling excrement then senior officers could grow a pair big enough to say "Do what you have to and we'll sort out the paperwork later."
  6. I don't disagree and was not agreeing with the position of the author of this book. As I said, something stinks about this story.
  7. Yes because everyone wants the risk of a jail sentence just so they can say what a big pair they have.
  8. Nice to know you can be relied upon in a tight corner!
  9. I suspect DUTCHBAT would have appreciated our growing a pair and providing air support at Srebrenica, regardless of any ROE.
  10. So you would be happy to accused of (and possibly get sent down for) murder just so long as everyone knew you had big bollocks?