Ex uk sf arrested in spain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by baldcossack, May 7, 2013.

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  1. According to the Daily Telegraph an Andrew Martorell believed to be former UK SF has been arrested for multiple bank robberies in Spain.
  2. Maybe they have made it a criminal offence?..................I'll get me coat!!
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  3. Of all the places to rob from - he picks the poorest frigging country in the EU.
    That's probably the reason he's ex SF.
  4. How very unsporting of them. Especially after all they help they were given between 1809 - 1814.
  5. He appears to have handed his brains in with his kit.
    There's a few EU countries poorer than Spain, not many but still a few. He should have tried Germany.
  6. You think Spain is the poorest country in the EU and you're calling the bloke thick?

    Pot kettle black pal.
  7. Did he lose his memory and forget he wasn't allowed to rob banks?
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  8. Ex Cpl RMP AMF
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  9. Andy is ex-RMP cp.

    The Spanish Police have a cp/ct unit, GEO, which is classed as Special Forces. They appear to be suggesting that he is sf based on that.
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  10. I offered wondered why I never heard of ex-soldiers getting together and forming multi-skilled crime teams who were capable of pretty big jobs. I can imagine that you could rustle up most of the skill sets required and operating together would be relatively straightforward. On the whole you could rely on them to not be drama queens or cowboys and they would probably be able to exercise professional discipline and keep their traps shut.

    Maybe it has happened but the politicians, police and CPS decided not to scare the sheeple so kept schtum about it.
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  11. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Web-link - there should be one.
  12. Thought that was how the CIA was formed ;)
  13. Wasn't that how the 'A Team' was formed?
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  14. An ex 2 Para corporal did, end of the 1980s. he drew fourteen years from Judge Argyle.
  15. It's because most squaddies are thicker than a Loggie's waist, the remainder are trade orientated geeks who are scared of conflict and harsh font.
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