Ex Uhlan Eagle

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Lumpy, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone have any info on Ex Uhlan Eagle from a Military Police angle? I'm due to take part, but have no clue what to expect - I've done the support in the past, spending time at TCP's in the middle of nowhere sending convoys on their way, but this year, I'm actually on the Ex....

  2. I did Uhland Eagle in 97 from Sennelager, be prepared to join the Battle Group and work your arse off, real policing and escorting convoys, living like a squatter and getting two or three hours a night. lots of route signing at a moments notice and route recces. all the stuff that you do not use in iraq. it can be good fun though :?
  3. Or you could be really lucky and have the Hannover/Berlin Det........nice Burger King down the road!
  4. Me presumes you are TA coming over for UE? If not then you are in 111 and your (apparent) lack of knowledge concerns me somewhat!

    PM if you wish.
  5. I did it in 2001. As Needforspeed says, be prepared to work your bollocks off.
    My ex hooligan eagle started with the prep a couple of weeks before then a long slow,boring drive in convoy with a boring overnight stay in Hohne then another overnighter on the border of Poland (I think!). Dont worry, it does'nt stay boring for much longer after that! On entry to the training area you book in to theatre reception, set up the harbour area then dont expect to see it for about a week as you will be too busy doing convoy escorts from the railhead to theatre reception. We had to take the Armstrongs off the road as there were a few close shaves with the riders falling asleep and narrowly avoiding death by challenger/ AS90/Scimitar etc. In between escorts there is route signing, tp's to man,recces and the normal cock ups from some seniors that hav'nt done provost ops since Chichester.
    If you have a gps take it! They are normally issued ,but not enough to go round and if you have your own, all your info stays there and you know how it works without having to turn your torch on to operate it.
    At the beginning of the ex the routes are quite easy to read on a map but after a week of armour ripping up the area all the tracks dissapear.
    Trust me Drawski Pomorski (thats the area) is the darkest place on earth in the night time and its not funny when you are expecting a convoy of heavy armour and you dont know where they are coming from cos the track has dissapeared. If Pro ops is a weak point, it wont be after the ex!
    Apart from that I had a great time.. well it seems that way now that it is so far behind me!!
    Good luck and enjoy