Ex Ubique / Minley 2007

Everybody ready for another class weekend at Ex Minley (or Ubique as we at Queens know it as for some strange reason)?

Last year was brilliant craic and i expect this year should be just as good.

How many of you OTCs get practising on MGBs before the competition?

Last year the first time we saw the MGB was on the Saturday of the competition.

Altho this year Aberdeen had us over for a quick practice on it (and a few beers too ) so we have at least a slight idea of what we are doing?

Good luck to all, should be a brilliant wee weekend!
have you been following the rules M9. been training for about 6 weeks and then get the copy of the rules with lots of measurements and stuff. seemed a bit w@nk if you ask me
the roller has to be 1.5 metres away from the bank then the pedistools have to be 2.7 m behind that. also you have to build it in a certain way and then the far bank roller has to be 150mm under the light nose, then the light nose has the be taken off at a certain time. also there will be a SNCO in charge. thats all the rules i can think of off the top of my head, there are more. it's rubbish as we've been practicing it with a view to doing it the easy way.


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Ha! I havent seen a MGB yet.

One of our lot was like " What do we need a motor gun boat for?"

Being fair, I didn't tell him to go to the stores to get one for practise...!


Since EUOTC and ULOTC were second and first in the competition overall and first and second in the bridging last year respectively the race is on.
See you there. may the best team etc etc
Rite guys, see ya all over there tomorrow nite for a few beers. Queens are flying over first thing tomorrow morning to incorporate a days boozin/pub crawl/brewery tour if possible.

Good luck to everyone!

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