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Ex Tusen Takk

Ex TUSEN TAKK (Norwegian for a Thousand Thanks) is an expedition taking place in Norway between 21 March and 10 April 2010. A team of 10 Royal Marines will ski 1000km across Norway through the Rondane, Douvrefjell, Jotunheimen and Hardangervidda.

The team will cover an average of 50km a day over 20 consecutive days. This is the equivalent of 1 and a third marathons on skis a day, with an overall height gain exceeding an ascent of Mt. Everest.

The team will consist of 5 experienced skiers, most veterans of the Falklands, with a total of 82 Norwegian winters and 160 years service in the Royal Marines under their belts; and 5 younger skiers, most veterans of Afghanistan, from 45 Commando Royal Marines and the Brigade Recce Force; the old guard handing over to the new guard so to speak.

The team will be joined by former Royal Marines Corporal Bernie Shrosbree and by film producer Chris Terrill who will document the expedition.

The route will take in areas of military significance in Southern Norway, to include: remote war grave locations; areas of wartime activity; and locations of Royal Marine winter deployment fatalities.

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