Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Xenophon, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. The word on the kerb is that this is an exercise in the jungle not a jungle exercise ie the unit is not supposed to treat the location as a special environment and therefore does not require its own jungle warfare instructors. This sounds a bit arrse so I would be grateful for some informed comment as we might be off there next year.
  2. could be a bloody big 'fighting in woods and trees' exercise
  3. could be a bloody big 'fighting in woods and trees' exercise

  4. I'm sure I asked for informed comment? Let me check.........

    Yup there it is!
  5. JEWTS
    Jungle Exercise Without Trees.
  6. Xenophon - it's true - but then by extension all Inf Bns have a stock of JWIs anyway so it wouldn't really matter either way.

    Everyone does a 'Jungle Skills' phase anyway.

    I'll see you there, by the way - I'll be the one with the large beard... :D
  7. You will receive environmental induction training on arrival by the BATSUB instructors to ensure that you are safe to operate in Belize - so, no, your Battalion will not need JWIs, but if you have them it is a bonus (these are a wasting asset with the drawdown of the Jungle Warfare School). The aim of the exercise is to give your Battalion a robust expeditionary training opportunity and learn skills that will be applicable in any theatre not to turn them into jungle gurus. Therefore, depending on your CO, much of it will be focused on the non-jungle areas like Baldy Beacon (think a warmer version of Sennybridge), but I'm sure he'll use the opportunity to get you under the canopy for a bit crack.
  8. Darth and WG thanks. We have no JWIs - at least none in appropriate appointments. I must see what I can do about getting more trained up. It sounds as though the 'environmental training' has a pretty poor instructor:student ratio and that BATSUB only provide advice rather than instruction. What a shame that we can't make more of this opportunity. I know that Belize is not jungle in the accepted tropical rainforest sense but it is far better than anything else on offer.

    Thanks again.
  9. Xenophon - my other (possibly trite) observation is that this OTX is the CO's trainset, not BATSUB's, so it's all down to your boss and his design for training.
  10. Thanks Darth - yet I rather got the impression (based on nothing more than overhearing the fag end of a conversation at LWC) that BATSUB like to set the agenda. But as you say we should be able to make as much of this as we care to. I do think we need more JWIs if we can get them trained - we could trawl but it's always better to get our own junior leadership into this environment if at all possible.
  11. May be worth getting in touch with anyone you know from 1 RGJ. They have recently got back, and seemed to do well out of it. Bde Comd was impressed, and the lads enjoyed the different trg opportunity.

    I like Belize, although you will need a handful of JWIs of you are to immerse yourself for long periods of time in the trees. Never that much a shortage of volunteers if you stick it on a trg sp trawl through LAND.
  12. The blokes from 1RGJ were made to shave everyday whilst in the Trees,they absolutely "LOVED IT" :evil:
  13. Thanks guys. The point made by backblast just leads me to believe that the approach of 1RGJ was possibly not related to jungle training in the environmental sense rather it was training in the jungle or on the fringes of the jungle. That is their prerogative of course. I will certainly get in touch with the unit.
  14. I was under the impression the "Operation Tropical Storm" was simply the name for a 6 month posting to Belize. Check the MOD website.