Ex-top cop shoots himself on TV,no its not Blair!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hat20, Nov 23, 2008.

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  1. 'A former police chief who was being pursued for suspected human rights abuses in Argentina committed suicide during a live television interview.
    Mario Ferreyra, 63, killed himself while talking to a TV journalist, it was reported last night.'
    Mail-(I know..)
    No fcuking about with pills there(suicide on-line),bang..game over! even the kids got a little piece of Daddy for 'old times sake'
    Met 'officers' take note on how to bow out with a bang!
    Like the comment...
    'Meanwhile Sir Ian Blair gets a ten thousand pound oil painting'
    - PauL Taylor, London UK, 23/11/2008 09:23

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  2. Now if I only a few politicians would go out that way!
  3. He's faking it! Thats the oldest trick in the book shoot yourself with a relica play dead, wait until you have been buried, tunnel your way back out of the grave and live to infringe human rights again.

    Don't tell me people are still falling for that old chestnut.
  4. spaz, wow he really had me going - where is he keeping his e-tool?
  5. surely people aren't still tunnelling their way out, i thought they get buried with their mobiles and get their mates to dig them out!
  6. Over here yes obviously, in Argentina however the mobile coverage is crap they don't even have 3G.
  7. Those fockers shoot themselves daily young Spaz.
    When they can’t get shot over there, they come over here for it….