Ex-TA Soldier tried top sell secrets to Russia

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by royalmile, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. Erm this story is a little old, first got reported in November. The c*nt was BUOTC and then transferred to a TA unit when he finished. He has been subject to much abuse on the BUOTC facebook group.
  2. The "explosives" that were found was some Hexy blocks! :roll:

    TA Spy Story.........

  3. Brilliant! One born every minute.
  4. "Other accounts describe him as a risk analyst"

    Not a very good one then...
  5. He is a traitor to this country. He was found out and yet he has the arrogance to criticise our country's intelligence service for their investigation of him. If a british subject attempts to sell secrets to another country that person should lose their liberty for a couple of decades and then be put on a plane out to the country they preferred and betrayed us for. That's if he's still alive by then of course :twisted:
  6. The nasty traitor had hexy blocks on him, tut tut tut.
    Who told them that they burn smokelessly 8O
  7. Think he told the russians about pay as you dine?
  8. Think he told them about pay as you done?
  9. What a mong. And you can't really imagine he'd make the most intimidating debt collector, he looks like an ACF kid in that pic...
  10. Mr Hill is now embarrassed by his unsophisticated attempt to sell what he regarded as completely harmless military information to the Russians, but is critical of the huge lengths MI5 and the Metropolitan Police's counter-terrorism command went to during an elaborate operation which ended with his arrest in Leeds in November.

    deserves a good kicking but hardly worth paying to keep in jail for more than a week
    though sounds like should be given the option to "volunteer" for operation certain death :twisted:
  11. How would any other nation in the world react to someone who attempted to sell secrets to another country? Death would be the starting point surely?
    Why is it we hear about his embarassment? Why is we hear implied criticisms about our security service? Why is it we regard it as a non story?
    This country has gone to the dogs- not by accident but by design. Successive governments have over the past four decades worked against this country and taken it apart piece by piece and have not been held accountable. Now we have a mere bit part player who also attempted to betray this country and the security service is verily mocked for their work and the man is allowed freedom and a voice.
    So it's ok to attempt to sell secrets to other countries now and there will be no consequences?

    Jesus wept
  12. He doesnt look much of a threat to National Security. Russia can keep him.
  13. And this is enough to be charged with having an explosive substance? Ye gods!