Ex Summer "Shamrock" Challenge and onward


I've just joined the TA and have been booked on the Phase 1 B and C course roll up beginning at the end of July, in Ballykinler (hence shamrock challenge). I was recently told by my CSM that, previously having expressed my interest in becoming a TA officer, that after this I would be considered based on my performance in this course.

I wondered, even though I have completed the TA CIC does that entitle me to some sort of advancement in the officer training or do I just have to start again from the bottom?

Also after the course I am due to attend university, and obviously I want to join the OTC there. Having completed a TA basic infantryman's course does that entitle me to some sort of advancement or must I again start from the bottom?

Can I transfer to the OTC (in Scotland) whilst still remaining badged Royal Irish?

Would I have to attach to a Scottish TA unit to continue/begin my PO training? (Could i remain badged Royal Irish?)

What does this course entitle me to do afterwards?

Thank you

As far as I'm aware and based on my own experience you can remain R IRISH and train with the UOTC. Having already passed CIC you will have some advantage on the TAOC route however you will likely just skip MOD 1 (CMSR) and start on MOD 2. All things infantry will be covered in your special to arm training (PCBC) so I'm told.

If you do transfer to the UOTC in theory should be able to skip MTQ 1 and join those preparing for MTQ 2. If you are serious about commissioning quickly that may be your best route however a friend of mine in the similar position joined MTQ 1 anyway so he progressed with the same cohort.

Which University are you going to?

It does entirely depend on which route you take.

For example if you join an UOTC then they would have the final say as to what training they'll give you a bye ball on, as has been said MTQ1 or basic training.
If you go the TAPotentialOfficer route then all of the training you would have received from 1A through 1C would have been a good grounding however in no way already covered.

All will become clear. Maybe not in time however it will all become clear.

See you in August

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