ex summer challenge 2010

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 8chris4, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. just finished summer challenge yesterday was good the 7 weeks was quite hard but good..was funny on the parade yesterday when a few people passed out and cracked there heads..oh well....CIC was quite hard ...hated ben myvis because of the mozzies av not seen anything like it before..section attacks was good and the rifle range got marksman :p..not bad for a lefty.the only bad thing was that we had the guards division for CIC.
  2. And did that make them any less professional? were you Sicily or Normandy?
  3. i was sicily
  4. Were there many drop outs from either Pln during Pre CIC & CIC?
  5. think we lost around 10 guys in sicily due to injury and people not really interested..some just had enough of the corrective training and gave in...think it was with the same as normandy...although they didnt get it as hard as sicily got it..we had 2 catterick guys from the start from the scots division...and catterick guys on cic aswell.probably the only reason we were fitter than normandy.
  6. More than one complaint was made due to the amount of Collective Sanctions you lot were getting, I don't know if the TM took any action on it. The TWWO was on the ball when it came to stopping that kind of thing as soon as he found out about it.

    I did like the idea of two section commanders from CIC in your platoon, I'd like to see that taken on next year, if there is another SC, ideally there should also be a member of the RTC staff attached to each platoon to act as...'mentors' or advisors to the other section commanders.

    Out of the two Inf platoons I must admit that Sicily did give the better impression.

    Did you get your new hackle or was it just 7Scots that got theirs?
  7. both platoons had a small ceremony yesterday where both got new hackles just before the pass out parade started
    to be honest i kinda like the new hackles both of em seem ok...i prefer that than lots of other guys having different color hackles etc
  8. hated the gas chamber as-well..mainly because i had a faulty mask..had a small hole in the eye piece not visible to the eye though..got my fare share of cs that day..was fine when i had to use the instructors mask which was kinda Gucci..better than the isued ones.
  9. Did your Instructor have a newer Respirator then??

  10. Even picked up mine on leave...... better warn off the attached Pers at RTC... LOL

    dont want a vist from a RSM or a CO to cause a drama.......

    anyone spring to mind..?
  11. ? it was an issued respirator, either the S10 or the FM12, if you were tested by who I think you were( a CSgt from 7 Scots) then it was an S10.
  12. Aye Swamps lots of people lol, have seen yours, it's not as bad as it could have been, quite like it, I have't seen the Grey one though.
  13. So all the big white hackles vanished more's the pity. Sicily were very good at drill, might have something to do with changing step 4 to 5 times. 8chris4 enjoy the weekends to come, Maryhill and Ayr need your muckers to carry on the Proud Heritage. As for the Mossies well they **** off if you use skin so soft honest.