ex SSgt Tony Knight RMP

It is with sadness that I inform those members of the Corps who knew Tony that he died on Tuesday evening.

Details of funeral etc.. to follow.

For those who knew Tony, A real cracking guy and gentleman.

RIP Pal.
Served with him (I think) in Bosnia under the 'great' Robbie Calder, early '96

RIP Tony! At least Calder can't get you now!
Tragic stuff. Great bloke..
Worked with Tony at 150 and did some jobs for him when he was at 111.

You will be missed, my friend. RIP.
RIP Tony, many learnt from you, listened to you and respected you.

Ladies and Gents, raise a glass where ever you are -Tony.
I didn't work with Tony, but I had the pleasure of being a confident of Robbie Calder. As an ex-Redcap it is always sad to see someone, especially Corps or ex-Corps, go before their time. Very sad.
RIP Mate.

I worked with Tony, for 6 months in 2000. Despite his football allegiances, he was one of the nicest blokes I've met, he had a lot of time for everyone, and I was one of the many that listened and learned from him.
very, very sad to hear of Tony's untimely departure. A real star and a man who was genuinely interested in the troops. a thoroughly professional man and very, very knowledgeable.

he always knew more about my casefiles than i did and he had well over 100 on the books!! it is sad when someone goes but it is very gratifying to know all who worked with him thought so much of him. RIP Tony...
Can't say I met him. But if he was with Calder in 96 my missus probably did, as a colleague obviously.
Always sad to see a member of the Corps go. Sounds like he will be bored in heaven. Sooner go to hell as Lucifers crucifier myself.

Anyone know how he left us?
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