ex-squaddies: what you doing now?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by xmal, May 21, 2004.

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  1. I got out in 1991 to go to university. Worked in engineering and then IT. Currently on the dole but about to go into teacher training in August.

    And you lot?
  2. left in 2000 to go to university as well. Just finishing my M.Sc at the mo.
  3. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Left in 2000, went to work in commercial radio then onto BFBS, EASY MONEY!
  4. Got out in 2000, did a year working as a commissioning engineer in the paper industry, stuck it for a year but it involved too much time away from home. Did get to go to some nice places though (Hungary, Slovakia, Israel, Portugal). Now working for a robotics company, still travelling, but not so much, just had a nice trip to San Diego though, really great place to visit.
  5. Got out in 2000 and now work as a systems manager and technical advisor to the head of Lancashire Schools' ICT.
    I don't regret getting out for a single moment, with the poor promotion prospects my trade offered (12-14 years to CPL on average), being a civvy gives me far more opportunities, and I should be getting my degree (paid for by my employers BTW) next year if all goes well.
  6. Got out in 1994, ended up working for a rubber company in the Laboratory. Been here 10 years. Loads of overtime, no shit from anyone, and regular trips to china, North america and poxy Munster!!!!
  7. Got out in 1990, octopus fighter on the oil rigs for a few years, packed that in after I scared them all away. Turned my hand to being a male escort for wealthy american women until the bottom dropped out of my skiddies. Won the lottery in 1999, now own an island in the west indies and live like a king.

    honest...............well the bit about getting out in 1990 anyway
  8. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    lying twat..........you won the lotto in 98
  9. got out in 79 (nothin poxy about Munster when I left)
    drove buses in liverpool for 4-5yrs, got fed of the scallies pulling knives and trying to rob the takings,got on the road HGV 1 till I got fed up at getting up at daft 'o clock and working till late o'clock , now a shiney arrse getting other mugs up at daft oclock, got me own house ,wife ,2 kids ,1 cat and a pool at the bottom of the garden.oh did I say I was in The TA
    Scouse G
  10. Got out in 2000, headhunted to a job in Riyadh for 2 years (makes Banja Luka look like Butlins), then on to Doha in Qatar for 18 months (be great once it's finished) and now I'm here in Dubai owning my own company providing training to presidents and CEOs of companies on how to deal with the media. Middle East politics is a pain in the arse, especially now. Marrying my Air Hostess girlfriend in Dec and have a stonking time, thanks very much. :D
  11. left in 2003
    now working in the smoke as a telecomms engineer
    life is sweet
    4 bed house, wife and kids
  12. Must be gutted eh? :wink:
  13. You must be gutted mate :wink:
  14. Bet you're gutted mate :wink:
  15. Bet you're gutted mate :wink: