Ex-Squaddies--what do YOU miss most & not miss a f*ck

We all whinge about it at the time, but what do you miss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????????????????????

10 years in civvy st. and I miss the rugby (civvies dont sing / too soft / drink slowly!) mostly the social, the "rowdiness" squaddie town pubs never had an issue with showing yer arse or getting too pissed!

The laughs - I have had 11 civvy jobs in 10 yrs !! - onl ymet 2 civvies who get the sense of humour, no onelaughs out here !!!!........ only others who did were squaddies.

Civvy St aint sooo bad, Manchester is is totally balistic & not for the faint hearted !

I have a few civvy mates, but wouldn't trust a single f*ckin one of 'em with a wet copy of the Manchester Evening News !!!!

No, I'm not suicidal ! Just miss me old muckers, sometimes.

Life goes on, prep early for this sh*t hole of a life out here troops !
Two posts and already made it into the hole.


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