Ex Squaddie to Ex Squaddie

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rudie, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. I work in the railways and I deal with the public face to face every day,its a walk in the park compared to what Iv'e done.It can get stressfull dealing with moaning civie c unts on a daily basis,its very tempting to give them a crack,but obviously you can't.(shame)
    We get a lot of squaddies using the trains,most of them are fine.Recruits can be a drama,but we have all been there,havn't we?I tend to go easier on most of them,where as a lot of my colleagues will be quick to call the BTP when they start to f uck around.
    Last week I had a guy in reception going f ucking banzai at me over the behaviour of some sprogs on a train.After about 10/15 minutes of loud complaining,he informs me he's also ex army and has 2 tours of NI under his belt.
    At this point,I dropped my customer service routine and tried to speak to him ex squaddie to ex squaddie.
    "Why didn't you tell the the guard,or just tell the little bayonet c unts to shut the f uck up"I asked him.
    At that point,he stormed out and reported me,the c unt.

    Am I wrong in thinking there should be a bond with everyone who's served?
    Or is it once you leave,that it?
  2. He obviously had no loyalty to fellow service personel. No matter what arm or reg'. I've come across similar atitudes when working as civ pol.
  3. Sounds like he was having a bad day....either that or he was waffling about having been in
  4. If he served at all it wasn't in any a mob you'd admit to prick.
  5. I think there should be a bond. He is obviously an idiot. I left the army 3 years ago and still get along well with both those who serve and who have served. I do admit I get nostalgia every time I have a conversation about the army, and I think ex-servicemen understand each other because they have been through similar experiences, especially men from the same military organisation.

    Obviously though you will get the village idiot as is the case with the bloke you described...
  6. Maybe I'm just looking at the past with rose tinted glasses.I had a notion that once you have seved,especialy operationly,there would be a certain bond with others the same.
    I tell my civie work mates this with pride,but this c unt just pissed all over it.
  7. Woaaahh! He had 2 tours of NI under his belt!!! Who were you to disagree with him!! He's a cnut.

    (I'm not saying NI was a breeze, merely that I've done 18 months in NI)

    Also to add: and a few more tours on top (I'm still not big...or clever)
  8. Was he definitely ex-squaddie or possibly you've had a tickle from a Walt?
  9. Should of babooned the throbber!:)
  10. Babooned?? Is that like a mexican bumb w@nk?
  11. Haha, aye, if you want.
  12. Service might not have ended happily for him - maybe he got caught doing the wrong thing?
  13. Excellent comment. :?
  14. He sounds like a total throbber and a fcuking useless knob any one who is forces or ex would know how to talk the lingo and wind these boys necks in bet the cnut was a rupert or a fcking remf type facing PBI types :evil: :evil: ooh there goes an artery :(
  15. Well im sure you have met c0cks who are serving soldiers so sooner or later you will meet one now in civvie street