EX squaddie needs help

Looking for help and advice, my mate left the Army 12 yrs ago and is suffering from PSD and is going through a rough time at the moment he lives in the Edinburgh area, i went to his doctors with him which was a waste of time all he did was up his medication and said he would try this and that. My mate is desperate for help as even been up to andrew duncans but they have just put him on a waiting list all they seem to be doing is saying we will do what we can, i am worried about my mate in case he does something stupid any help or advice would be much apprecited.
Your mate has already done the hardest part of seeking help and, despite the seemingly negative response, the best thing you can do is encourage him to pursue this. Combat Stress is a good place to start, their Scotland and North East welfare support team contact number is: 01292 561350.

I really wish him well and hope that, having got over the first hurdle, he'll begin to realise there is a way out of the dark place he finds himself in.

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