Ex Squaddie Marathon Cheat

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. How is that newsworthy ?
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  2. Perhaps he wouldn't have been so tired if he wasn't carrying those fucking gay earings around with him.

    Fucking homo.
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  3. Got to be a Recce Mech look at them eyes.
  4. Slow news day I imagine.
  5. Skive to survive, top marks for improvisation
  6. Failed the 11th Commandment; Thou Shall Not Get Caught.
  7. Typical REME, first sign of hard work, coupled with a slight drizzle and he fucks off to the warm transport.
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  8. Any fool can get wet.
  9. Taking the bus laid on for race spectators! I'm not sure if he was incredibly optimistic or totally stupid. Good job he's ex-army.
  10. Further to my earlier comment, if he jogged on the spot whilst on the bus, would that count as covering required distance?
  11. if he had any sense he'd have took the bus all the way and won.
  12. Nah, with them ear studs looks like a squat mech.
  13. I saw this on the news at lunchtime. Apparently the third place went to a copper / ex-copper who used his detecting skills to find out that because he was in third place and no-one passed him, he should have the tin. Nice to see that standards haven't dropped.

    That may just be a crap reporter padding out this nonentity of a report though.
  14. It is rumoured when he finished he said "I'm pleased with the result. But must give the
    credit to my coach.
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