Ex squaddie has names of dead soldiers tattooed on him

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stejones, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. Personally i wouldnt want my name on some batshit crazy ex pongo. But hey ho its money for H4H...
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  2. A bit morbid but good on him!
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  3. If I was the mum/wife/GF of one of the deceased, I don't think I'd want their name tattoo'd on someone's body either. Which raises the question, were the NOK asked for permission to do this? Perhaps not a legal requirement, but certainly one of respect.
  4. You could however see how many names you could **** over in one go.
  5. Money raised is a good point but as grey mafia has said wouldnt some familys have something to say about this?
  6. Bit Grief Whorish in my personal opinion.

    I liked the last line of the article; 'Solicitors at court ask to see them and the other day a judge asked me if he could take a look.' he must like going to the public gallieries I guess :)
  7. The man's clearly a ******* head the ball...
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  8. What's he gonna do if some madman sets off a stolen Russian nuke near Bastion?

    I'd be the first to offer my £50 an hour tattoo services.
  9. Good on him, if that floats his boat-maybe the wife shouts out the names during the bedroom boogie.
  10. So what happens when he needs more space and starts tattooing names on his buttcheeks, or heaven forbid, his todger.?
  11. He said when he runs out of room his son will take over. Yeah right! Im sure I'd tell my dad to **** right off if he suggested it! Feckin loon!
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  12. mad as a bag of owls.

    good on him for raising the cash but i'd rather sit in a bath of beans or something.
  13. See Games Workshop/Imperial Guard/ Sgt Bastonne.

    Another nutcase who tattod his dead oppos' names on his body, but only in an imaginery toy soldier world.
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