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Ex squaddie has names of dead soldiers tattooed on him

If I was the mum/wife/GF of one of the deceased, I don't think I'd want their name tattoo'd on someone's body either. Which raises the question, were the NOK asked for permission to do this? Perhaps not a legal requirement, but certainly one of respect.
Bit Grief Whorish in my personal opinion.

I liked the last line of the article; 'Solicitors at court ask to see them and the other day a judge asked me if he could take a look.' he must like going to the public gallieries I guess :)


Book Reviewer
Is it possible that he only did it so that he could get into a newspaper (Daily Hate doesn't count really) or on Local T.V.? Or even to be discussed by strangers on that there interwebz? I bet he thraps all night at the attention, and twice as much now that we are talking about it.

And looking at the state of the tattooist's handwriting, he's either an alcoholic or on seriously strong medication.

Even with the dissing, at least he's raised money for charity. Loads more than I ever have, so I can't really slag the loon off too much.
Has anyone verified the names? I mean, he might be like that Frankie ****-wit that was kicked off the X-Factor and they're all blokes he engaged in some man-love with

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