Ex Squaddie gets 20 years in Bulgaria



That's the problem with knifing foreigners to death in their own country. They've a tendency to lock you up for a long time. It's simply not cricket.
I'm sure that your glib comment stem from vast experience of dealing with the Bulgarian legal system.
My view is "there but for the grace of God go I"
It seems his old man says that the victim in Bulgaria was stabbed high in the region of the shoulder/armpit - which apparently contradicted something the prosecution said. BUT, from experience, most people follow patterns of behaviour and repeat percieved successful actions............found the text below, have a read of the full story, there are photots that show the penetration of the previous assault ..............high in the region of the shoulder/armpit. Knifey boys are knifey boys.

As to Bulgaria, my old man is a retired badge man and lives there full time now, owns a couple of places and has no issues with the locals.

Read and clicky for more info on laddy:

THE Sydney private school graduate charged over a stabbing murder in Bulgaria had been accused of another violent stabbing at a North Shore party.
James Atack and his friend Matt, both 20, revealed yesterday they told police that 21-year-old Jock Palfreeman was behind an attack in 2004 which nearly killed them.

Both men were knifed three times in the vicious assault - with the wounds missing vital organs by millimetres.

Palfreeman was last week arrested for murder in Bulgaria after allegedly stabbing a man in the heart.
Bulgaria stabber accused before | thetelegraph.com.au
He wasn't a stab, was he?

Er, wellies and plastic waterproofs please - the blue waterproofs. Thanks.


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