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Ex Squaddie- Car bomb attempt on wife and kids....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cernunnos, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. why didnt he divorce the bint? mind you there is a lot of squaddies wives the look like they ve used their faces as armoured plating
  2. There was a thread about it when it first broke, don't know if it's still around or not.
  3. I would doubt it given that the case is still sub judice. This really shouldn't be discussed here until a verdict one way or the other is arrived at.
  4. As long as we don't discuss the facts of the case, or reveal any previous convictions he may or may not have, or predict the outcome, then it isn't sub judice. Nothing so far has been posted in this thread which does that.
  5. Indeed. However, the OP did ask if anyone knew the defendant which would open a can of worms if people responded in the affirmative, no?
  6. But the defendant is a civvy so I cant see what the issue is? Dont remember people appearing this robust against other civvies who are undergoing court cases appearing in the media?

    Some people have watched too much Judge Judy....
  7. What was he thinking - taking 95 rounds to court with him!!
  8. The issue would be if anyone who had served with him had posted about what a great bloke / fucking bellend he was and mentioned any previous (not in allegedly trying to blow up his wife but strange behaviour, convictions etc).

    And I have absolutely no idea who Judge Judy is but going by the context, I'm happy to go to my grave that way.
  9. Ok, so what if the bloke in question was a 75 year old and had served back in the 60's? Same rules? I think you're being a tad precious. My understanding was if a person was currently serving and was undergoing a court case, it was (quite rightly) off limits. So what if someone on here knew him? The bloke is now a civvy. As you are too I believe?
  10. Flash, no offence mate but a wee bit busy.

  11. Please beleive me, your better off if you dont know, its a load of bollocks
  12. Why? Has the Arrse klaxon gone off?
  13. My Lord, have you been caught napping? Have a squint at some of the current threads.
  14. Targets are up, my Lord. Watch and shoot, watch and shoot...