Ex spy Blake wins case against Britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mukhabarat2003, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. I hope he enjoys his pyhrric, old soak's victory, trapped in the decaying remnants of the evil empire he sold his birthright for... He's lost, history condemns him, he knows it, who cares? Hope he gets Aids from a transvestite on the underground...
  2. All I can say is nothing surprises me anymore, in the good old days he would have been hung, and any money distributed to the widows of the spies he betrayed
  3. Blake should be shot, but a legal case lasting nine years and two months!!!!
  4. Will he be writing a book?
  5. I'd like to hear that he'd "accidently" fallen into an industrial mincer, feet first. And screamed himself to death.
  6. The applicant was represented by Ms N. Mole of the AIRE Centre (a non-governmental organisation based in London. Also assisted by Mr M. Tugendhat, Q.C., Messrs I. Christie and S. Whale, counsel, Messrs B. Birnberg and R. Rizvi, lawyers together with Professor B. Simpson Q.C., FBA, FAAS and Professor G. Jones, Q.C. !!
  7. Not really, IIRC we mostly just threw them in jail for the rest of their lives. I don't think we've executed anyone for spying or treason since World War 2/the fifties. Reasons were threefold - meant we could lean on them for information, possibly get to swap them back if any of ours got caught and I that I think there was just a change in outlook. Personally I think the US has the right idea of what to do with people like this, just check out the regeime at ADX Florence. Doubt it could be done over here though since human rights laws would be invoked and it's be blown out of the water by the European courts. I'm still a firm proponent of the death is too easy I want to the bastards to suffer the rest of their lives in prison school of thought.

    On the case in question though, although he won a claim for the case taking too long they didn't overturn the original verdict that banned him fron receiving the royalties did it? It doesn't seem to say and there's no chance of me making sense of the official verdict that was posted. :)
  8. You really could not make this up. The traitor George Blake has been awarded damages by the European Court of Human Rights because the UK government took a long time to bring a case that stopped the traitor from making money from his treason (he wrote a book about it).

    Thankfully the court agreed with the UK that Blake should not get any of the royalties from the book (the publisher gave them to Save the Children). Some more good news from the article:

    Link here:Traitor scum gets cash

    So when can we give old George the compensation he really needs? (a 9mm bullet in the back of the head)
  9. ah... the Parabellum being mightier than the Sword..


    Being as he was playing the legal angle perhaps we should have had him extradited and tried for treason. Remind me chaps of the penalty for it?
  10. Dread,

    There has been a thread on this since last night!
  11. Traitor wins £4,700 human rights payout

    By STEVE DOUGHTY Last updated at 22:00pm on 26th September 2006
    Reader comments (18)

    Britain's most notorious living traitor has been handed a compensation payout by European human rights judges.

    They ruled that George Blake - a Soviet spy blamed for hundreds of deaths - suffered "distress and frustration" when the government tried to stop him making money from a book about his betrayal.


    What a crazy world we live in. Lunatics running the asylum springs to mind!
  12. This is now the third thread on this (I started the second) :oops:
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