ex soliders wanting to rejoin are not priority

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by T/J/LeGg, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. i went down to the careers office on may the 8th to rejoin the army. sat down and had a chat with the ssgt. got all my paper work sorted told him why i wanted to rejoin he wrote it down on the computer and sent it off to glasgow. he then told me that i would hear from them in 6-12weeks. its been 10weeks now so i decided to ring up and see if they had heard anything, he said he would ring glasgow now and see whats happening. so i rang back today to hear what he had to say, when i spoke to him he sed you will hear from us when we hear from them. then i asked roughly what kind of time span are you talking about and he replied your are not priority the new recruits are. i thought that was pritiy daft because it would take less time and money to get people who are rejoing back into units and working and getting redi for afghan then it would for a new recruit.

    am i being daft or do you agree with me
  2. can kind of see their point, maybe they are worried if somone has already left once, if they re-join maybe they will just leave again, not saying people will but just maybe thats what they are thinking.

    I personally think it should be equal treatment, you decided to leave why should u be put before somone else, you had your chance.

    maybe im being harsh but thats the way i see it.
  3. Perhaps they're prioritising by choosing people who know how to write?
  4. He Sacked Basic Training last September and wonders why he isnt a priority... :roll:
  5. I've been waiting four months now, not a peep from them. Seems Glasgow are being jack cnuts...
  6. I waited for a while, 3 months to be exact but my application is now going through fine. I think you will find it depends on what cap badge you want to join.

    I originally wanted to join RA as a Gunner Special Observer as my fitness is equal to, if not better than what it was when I left the Signals, only to be told the RA are 'over 99% committed' (I seen it myself on a letter from Glasgow with my own eyes). So I went with my second choice (very different I know but I already work in IT and I do love my job) re-joining the Signals as a CSE.
  7. This is going to sound harsh but i have mentioned this enough times on here lately (and had what i have said questioned by people who are either applying and know shite all about it, and also by people who are serving and know even less ;) ) :D

    However, RA recruiting is running for junior entry only, adult entry is running at an extremely reduced rate, and re-enlistments for anyone who left as a Gunner is a no-go, why? because they are now fully manned, it really is that simple.

    You cannot recruit for jobs for vacancies that are not there, and just because you were in previously (even though you didnt finish training, which straight away to me says you have the potential to fail again) does not make you anymore trainable than someone that has waited months to get a vacancy.

    Further to this, as of February and it is now coming to light that is most definitely due to the credit crunch, Glasgow were receiving treble the amount of requests to re-enlist or rejoin, the figure is in the region of 750 a month, yes that is a month.

    So lets say we start with 15,000 vacancies projected against what the Army thinks they are going to need due to people leaving the forces at the trained end during that year, and we then start processing 750 applications to fill gaps in the manning at the trained end of the Army, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out that as the Army fills back up at the front line we are no longer going to need the vacancies at training, in turn they cut back on the intakes and the bed spaces, but we still have to cater for those that have already passed selection and have been allocated a training date.

    Going further, there were that many coming in through the front doors of the offices that the intakes are that full now that we can already load some of next years vacancies, the result is that people who are already in the system could be waiting for a long time before they now get to phase 1.

    Painting a picture, the office i work at is relatively small in comparison to some, however last year the office enlisted into the Army 103 soldiers (in the whole of the recruiting year), since April 1st this year as in the new recruiting year, i have enlisted 31 and have a further 66 already allocated and awaiting their enlistment, and looking further ahead a potential 57 that are likely to at least get through ADSC and will be looking for a job that isnt there.

    So you think you are hard done to?

    Glasgow are under massive pressure dealing with a backlog that is now reducing thankfully.
    Offices are having to deal with hundreds of allocated applicants who are now likely to be waiting for some time, having already been in the system for ages.

    And the conclusion is that retention in the Army due to the credit crunch is no longer a problem, soldiers arent leaving therefore vacancies in training are reducing, the Defence budget does not cover having an excess of troops, it simply says get rid of the excess as that is all you are getting, on the flip side, recruiting is no longer a problem as there are fewer and fewer jobs in civvy street now so lots more people are flocking to the forces because its always been a safe bet.

    If you have no other option join the Army always used to be the phrase ;)

    Unfortunately you are confronted by a couple of problems here, you yourself might think you are easier to train, but lets face it, you had your chance and you blew it and we do not owe you a job!

    So you wait in line like the rest of the guys that have been waiting for months, if you are capable of doing that then i would think you are worthy of getting back in, but i would think carefully about the cynical attitude you have about what the Army should and shouldnt be doing, because you havent earnt the right to bitch about it yet ;)

    Rant out :D
  8. I can back up fivetodo (not that said person required it, but force in numbers an all that...) It's exactly what I was told, and having seen it with my own eyes, I'm not going to grumble. Not that I was anyhow.
  9. Trained and experienced soldiers are having a tough time rejoining so someone that has already quit once with no quals is going to be low priority.

    A few Bootie mates put their chits in before or on deployment to H9, come the end of tour some of their job offers had gone tits up so they tried to withdraw their Civvy 3s - A few got the reply; "Sorry - fully recruited - thanks anyway."

    When I looked into rejoining a couple of years back I was advised it could take 2 - 6 months depending on how long you served, how long you've been out, how much 'Fun' you had while you were in, etc, etc. I was advised to stick with the TA and go FTRS. (They weren't fobbing me off - good long chat about my options and a rather nice cuppa!)
  10. They'd seen you run a BPFA hadn't they ;)
  11. FTRS can only go to 72 months - never enough time for a BPFA! :p