Ex Soldiers wanted !!!!

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by ChrisProvanScotsGuards, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I am ex 1SG and have been a civvie for about 5 years.

    I am starting a company in Scotland which will offer tourists, corporate staff, individuals or anyone that wants to do it:

    1. Walking breaks in the Highlands
    2. Mountaineering breaks
    3. Planned long distance walks
    4. Themed adventure weekends (E&E, Espionage, Nav Ex)

    The differentiator is that my company will be run and managed by EX FORCES only !!!

    To do this I need:

    1. Ex forces personnel (male and female) Age 25+
    2. Qualified Mountain leaders or commitment to qualify through TNG.
    3. People who love the outdoors, highlands, leading small teams
    4. People that want to earn a decent wage without being in an office !!!!

    This is currently in the planning stages, and a great opportunity to become part of the team from the start

    Anyone thats interested, please email me at chrisprvn @ yahoo.co.uk
  2. Also, give me a heads up by posting a reply.

  3. If you are really serious about this, you need to get in among the Cadet training teams and the ARTs that are spread around Scotland.
  4. In terms of recrtuiting their people or having them help me track down suitable candidates?
  5. On the face of it, it sounds like an excellent idea.

    One of the possible difficulties that strike me is the varying fitness levels of participants so walking courses will be very hard to plan.

    I wish you very success in your venture, but as an unfit 60 year old southerner i hope you'll understand as to why i will not be applying to join you.
  6. How have you found getting public liability insurance,any problems? Im not selling by the way its just a pal of mine tried to do the same thing down on Dartmoor.
  7. General, The courses/trips will be graded and advertised accordingly.

    IE Grade 3 is easy, 4 is moderate, 5 is moderate + and 6 is hardcore

    You and your friends could be our first course on a GRADE3

    Maybe something like "stretches of the west highland way along loch lomond"

    Insurance has been straight forward but pricey
  8. Don't you do a GRADE 1. :) :) :)
  9. LOL, Grade 3 is easy

    You have to walk at the pace of the slowest group member.

    We're looking at personalised trips too so for instance you could

    DAY 1- Pick up at Glasgow, travel to Loch Lomond, overnight
    DAY 2- Short walk along the loch then lunch, see the sites, overnight
    DAY3- Trip to Loch Ness
    DAY4- Visit Skye

    etc etc etc you wouldnt even break sweat but still have a good time
  10. I have recently joined my local MRT, but would consider moving back upto Aberdeen, do you cover re-location costs lol. Seriously, im gonna move back up north so would be interested :D
  11. Sounds a good idea. Good luck.
  12. What do you call a decent wage, and do I have to pay for any training ie TNG ?

    Kit supplied or provide own ?
  13. It's a great idea and you will be able to advertise here on ARRSE through their advertising section...

    I walked the West Highland Way in 4 days 11 years ago but wanted to do it a bit more leisurely and see the sights this time, eat at a pub each evening etc. so went through MacsAdventures who set up Accom for you and add anything you want, these are civvies I believe but very experienced, an Ex Forces Company would be excellent!

    Good Luck and let us all know the details when you are ready... one I want to do in future is the Trek to Everest Base Camp to get a feel for the Himalayas...
  14. Good advice, they are usually current in thier quals and some can do "in house" assessing. They can also put you in touch with Adult Cadet Instructors who might be interested and also already have the quals.

    Could be good for cadet weekends too
  15. Dandy,

    Send me a mail if you would be interested. Would be good to have someone with the skills/qualifations already.


    Like other jobs, the trainng course would be your commitment to going for it. Kit would be provided. decent wage would be more than you would get as an adventure tng instructor.

    Thanks for the ideas, comments and well wishes. Its really starting to take shape and is moving forward nicely.

    EMAIL- chrisprvn@yahoo.co.uk