Ex Soldiers to Teach in Hostile Inner City Schools

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kingy3, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Former soldiers should retrain as teachers and teach pupils in inner city schools where discipline is a problem, a thinktank has stated.

    The Centre for Policy Studies has stated in a new report that the UK should develop a system like the Troops to Teachers scheme in the US to help address the issue of poor behaviour in inner-city schools.

    Having ex-soldiers as teachers would offer a number of benefits, the thinktank says, giving pupils a more rigid discipline structure and providing ex-servicemen with meaningful employment.

    Lord Guthrie writes in the foreword to the report that placing ex-servicemen in schools is a 'possible answer' to the problems of increasing violence in schools and inner-city communities.

    Further to this Lord Guthrie points out that such a scheme has already seen success in the US and would work well in the UK!

  2. A little bit arrogant. We all are forcibly retired and then have nothing to do except sitting on street corners and begging.

    Soldiers are good at teaching because they start doing it as soon as they are promoted and continue till they leave. They do not need to be retained as teachers, they are mostly better than the ones doing it now. The preparation for teaching I got from SoI and working in the Bn and at depot was far better than the crap I had to injure at Huddersfield. What would be useful is for the troops to jump through the hoops be being leaving.

    Until the government and governors of the school are willing to back up those in control, discipline will be a problem.
  3. Absolute rubbish.

    The standard training soldiers receive for teaching in no way prepares them to be a school teacher.

    Schools are seriously lacking in discipline, that is in no doubt, but putting ex soldiers in as teachers is not the answer because the gobment / law etc would not back their idea of discipline.

    The kids today run riot because they know they can and there is fcuk all the teachers can do about it, that isn't going to change because the teacher is an ex-soldier.
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Send keysetting over.
  5. True you could have "Bruce Lee I'm Hard as Concrete" teaching and it would'nt make a bit of difference cos the kids know you can't dig em or they'll take you to court, so they can take the p*ss as much as they want with no comebacks.
    Another fcuking crap idea
  6. Spot on. They would be bound by the same rules and restrictions as any other teacher, so whether they were ex-forces, ex-plod etc, it wouldnt matter.

    Now put an ex-forces bloke in and dont bound him with ridiculous over PC rules and youve got a different story!!

    Wasnt this a movie by the way? Ex-US Army/mercenary type bloke teaching kids in da hood :roll:
  7. "The Substitute" if I remember correctly he was an ex-Delta Force hero who went undercover to avenge his brothers death, helped by the caretaker who just happened to be an ex Nam tunnel rat and who had kept hold of all his buckshee Claymores , M16s , M60's etc when he got demobbed :roll: .....funniest film I've watched in years watched it on Sky a while ago
  8. The discipline problem in schools starts early at primary school and just escalates from there. The problem in my opinion is that no discipline in instilled at an early age. If there is a place for ex-servicemen bringing self-discipline to kids then it needs to start in primary schools. Without wishing to be labeled sexist just look at your kids primary schools and see how many male teachers there are. With so many single parent families about the kids lack a suitable male role model (sorry for drifting into socialogical claptrap) and perhaps some male primary school teachers might just help.
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    Ahhh is this meant to be about this?
  10. There was also dangerous minds I think it was called? Yon Michelle Pfeiffer bird as an Ex USMC type.

    Anyway, not a film thread......

    For my two pennorth? Ideas a non starter unless you allow the blokes and blokettes to set a strict set of rules.

    I have always loved Instructing in the Army, and several of my family have mentioned teaching when I get out. I have always said its a nice idea, but the people in my Classroom are there because they understand there will be severe consequences if they don't.

    And they sit down and listen because they volunteered to be there.

    I don't think I would find the same receptiveness in any school I chose to teach in!
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I agree is a non starter not to mention patronising as fcuk. Who in their right mind would want to be a teacher to inner city chav scumbags. The problem is not school discipline rather chav parents who've abrogated their responsibilities for little Timmys behaviour.
  12. The US has had a scheme for years called 'Troops to Teachers' - I used to hear the hilarious ads on AFN all the time as some ex-SEAL spoke of how his 20 years in the military hadn't prepared him for toughest challenge of all - teaching kids.

    looks like someone took a peek across the pond and nicked an American idea.......
  13. Absolute sh1te! The first time they raise their voice to some little scrote they will be suspended and persecuted by the politicaly correct pr1cks who run education these days.
  14. would I like to inspire mini chav scumbags...?? erm no....I would rather rather be mexican Bottomwanked by Giant Haystacks after he has had the shats.....
  15. There could be something in this, from US Vets website;

    • Principals overwhelmingly (over 90%) reported that “Troops” teachers are more effective in classroom instruction and classroom management/student discipline than are traditionally prepared teachers with similar years of teaching experience.
    • Principals stated (89.5%) that “Troops” teachers have a positive impact on student achievement to a greater degree than do traditionally prepared teachers with similar years of teaching experience.
    • “Troops” teachers strongly agreed or agreed that their preparation program equipped them to use research-based instructional practices associated with increased student achievement and effective classroom management behaviors.
    • School administrators overwhelmingly “strongly agreed” or “agreed” that Troops to Teachers exhibited research-based instructional behaviors to a greater degree than traditionally prepared teachers with comparable years of teaching experience.
    • “Troops” teachers teach in high poverty schools, teach high-demand subjects (special education, math, and science), plan to remain in teaching as a career, and increase the teaching pool’s diversity.
    • “Troops” teachers expressed in open-ended questions how their military experiences prepared them to be successful classroom teachers and school leaders in terms of organization and time management, personal and student discipline, working with diverse populations, and leadership and motivational skills.