Ex-soldiers to hand out parking tickets

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jacques_Bustard, Jul 6, 2012.

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  1. Because we are sadistic bastards?

    That's my dream job when I get out of this Army thing. I might write to William Hague and get him to introduce it to his constituency.
  2. Will they still be allowed to wear combats?
  3. Because maybe not 'every' serviceman/woman wants a CP job somewhere dusty ;-)
  4. So what's wrong with retired soldiers becoming Traffic Wardens? Steady wage to supplement their pensions, fresh air, exercise, free work clothes, a boot allowance, not to mention another pension at the end of their service, it can't be that difficult, strenuous, or intellectually demanding. I'm guessing in this depressed economy and high unemployment there'll be no shortage of candidates for the job, they even get a fancy new title Traffic Marshall!
  5. Someone is in for a suprise come friday prayers.
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  6. I don't get it. Is it because I am a thicky?
  7. they could also be trained to drive fire engines, buses and refuse trucks and then multitask in case of industrial action.
  8. I always had you down as the female prison officer type.
  9. Don't be daft. That would never happen.

    Oh, hang on..............
  10. Has he got a tache?
  11. [​IMG]

    "You used to give me roses..."
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  12. This is Westminster Council getting all opportunistic. Ex Forces usually turn out as good, valuable people. Traffic Wardens/Marshalls/Nazis are just cnuts. All of them.
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