Ex soldiers "4 times more likely to end up in jail"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Aunty Stella, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Linky

    "A male veteran is four times less likely to be in prison than a man from the general population, says the MoD."

    I'm not sure about this one. Yes we all know that guys can have difficulty in making the transition between a life in green and civvy street, but FOUR times more likely to end up in the slammer?

    I have kept in touch with a fair amount of my ex muckers and I would say that statistically less of them have records than the civvies that I went to school with.

    Of course it could also be that the ones I am not in touch with are all in jail.
  2. Bloody jail walts - Some of us manage to get time in whilst serving. (Or at least give it a bloody good go!)
  3. I suspect that a lot of the ex-servicemen who get into trouble did not stay in the services very long. They are people who were failing at everything else, decided to try the services and failed at that too.

    Certainly the “About four in 10 veterans were aged between 18 and 29” scarcely points to long service.

    We need some statistics that break the figures down by length of service.
  4. Hang on, I've just noticed my own fcuk up there.

    The MoD says ex mil are 4 times LESS likely than a civvy whilst the civvy figures say that 1 in 10 prisoners are ex mil.

    1 in 10 of the adult male population equates to 2.99 million men. Do we have 2.99 million veterans? If not then it would appear that we stand more of a chance of being banged up than civvies. The BAFF website indicates that ex military is by far the largest "trade" in Jail, with the Army and in particular the Infantry making up the bulk of the number.

    Apologies for the sh1te proof reading, I'm a biff.
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Exactly, pull yourself together.

    Studies in Britain and the US tend to indicate that a lot of jailbirds claim military service in order to exculpate or justify themselves, but this rarely stands up to scrutiny. On the whole, ex-military personnel tend to be more self-disciplined.

    The reason for this is that nobody actually checks the claims made by prisoners, who tend to be where they are because they have problems with honesty. These fcukers will try anything to get time knocked off their sentences, even if few of them can even spell PTSD.
  6. I did notice but I didn't want to start Wah Wars again.
  7. The unfortunate thing is, that genuine ex military who find themselves on the wrong side of the law and not always necessarily due to their own fault, have to fight tooth and nail to prove that they actually served and to get the confirmation in time.
  8. So you are saying thst there are ex squaddies in gaol forn no reason and if they could prove that they are ex squaddies they would be released?
  9. you sir need to do a bit of homework before you spout shiite!
    are you a magistrate by any chance !??
  10. most tend not to admit it because they are made an example of !
    they get in to trouble because they carry out what they are trained to do! fact!
  11. No, I'm not saying that at all. But ex squaddies that do get in trouble do not always get the confirmation and character reference in time for them getting sentenced.
  12. So what?
  13. I see you have a heart! I really can not be bothered to argue with you. If you had any idea of what some blokes go through after leaving the forces, you would know what a knob you look right now.