Ex Soldier - World owes me a living

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Scnellimbiss, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. I left the army ten years ago and after lots of hard graft run my own business employing 20 people. I recently employed an ex soldier who's view was.' I deserve a job, council house and respect' because 'I did my bit' - with reference to active service. Sadly along with his arrogance he was lazy so I sacked him. Views please as I am of the view the world owes us nothing - yes we did our bit , we got paid, had a laugh and knew the risks when we joined. Respect yes !!! the rest no!!!
  2. A very good attitude my man, I agree entirely!
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Fair comment, I suppose. There are always tossers about. Just make sure you give the next one along a chance to prove that he is different.
  4. Sacking a bloke..........and just before Christmas as well?

    Joking aside, did you never think about actual spelling it out to him before giving him the spanish archer or was he on his last chances?

    My wife got shot of someone ethe other day as well. I've been giving her sh*t ever since....Mrs Sugar!
  5. Sorry you employ people who can advance your company; it’s hard but the truth, never employ through sympathy it doesn’t work. It’s not pleasant but unfortunately the way of the world we live in.
  6. Darwin's theory of evolution prevails in the workplace as it has always done. Those who forget that lesson do so at their peril. It is difficult enough as it is to run a small business with low profit-margins and just keeping your head above water. There is no room for sentiment or for carrying passengers when you are either trying to expand or trying to stay afloat.

    If you know in your heart you have made the right decision, then I would suggest that you have made the right decision.

    Best of luck and I hope your business thrives.
  7. Fair one, Its a hard knock life out in the real world i spent 26 years there and i can tell you it aint the greatest of places, I'm staying in here where its great :)lol
  8. should of sat him down and given him a 6 monthly!
  9. Respect... Yes
    Council house... Yes probably. The Army needs to sharpen up on getting soldiers to prepare for the next life.
    Job... A man deserves a job he can do, but not one he can't. Ego can be a problem with some Ex's but this is normally compensated by extreme effort and the will to succeed. Shame in this case.

    Be aware... Leaving 'ain't easy. Prepare yourselves fellas.
  10. If he is still fit and of sound mind maybe a council house but not a living
    just a fair chance .
  11. Totally agree with the those thoughts posted here - unfortunately there are a few ex service personel who tend to wear there career on their sleeve, fortunately they are the exemption and not the norm. I work with a fair few ex service bods and can say i have only met 1 that would fit this criteria, he ended up fliting/pushed from job to job and could never settle down, never blamed himself..... I have been in back in the real world for nearly 15 years after a 15 year stint and it is fcukin hard, don't ever think it isn't for those of you who are joining the happy throng - what you did when in the 'machine' means nothing to most civvies and if your expecting respect then i hope the weather is nice on your planet because you're better off staying there. Council house!?!?!? Dream on - and remember the stock that they have (if you are lucky enough to be offered one) will be those that the chavs dont want anyway but that whing is for another forum/thread . . . .

    If schnellimbiss couldnt give this guy a job because he had an attitude and crap personal standards then this guys outlook must be poor and its not your fault - dont feel guilty mate, you gave the guy a chance and he blew it - you're running a business at the end of day and not a charity!

    As someone once said 'Life is what you make it' and i find this to be true - 'nuff said.

    Oh, Happy Christmas too . . .(Bah humbug)
  12. And I bet he was one of them lazy b*stards that you get in the Army too. The sort who bigs it up to crows about how bad bosnia was in '95 yet refuses to do stag or is doing something else when there is a trench to be dug or he is on the biff when a tour comes around and gives it "Ive done it all before anyway". Sure we all know the sort and I bet the Army and the decent hard working lads will be glad to see the back of him just like yourself.
  13. No I sacked him a few months ago - and yes gave him plenty of warnings - more so because he had done his bit
  14. Agree with all of the sentiments so far, and it's a real shame when the "odd one or two" show up in civvy strasse with this kind of view.

    On the flipside though, I have previously employed a number of ex-forces personnel, and have only had this type of problem once, about five years ago. What I found interesting was the different experiences they had all had as part of their resettlement. It certainly highlighted that the one with the "owes me a living" attitude, appeared to have had a less than structured resettlement and I'm sure that this played its part in his view on life.