Ex-soldier wins over £600k damages from MOD for PTSD

This from the BBC-


An ex-soldier has been awarded £620,000 damages from the Ministry of Defence for stress suffered while on duty.

Malcolm New, from Llandudno, claimed at the High Court that the MoD failed to identify and treat his post traumatic stress disorder.

The former Royal Welch Fusilier said he was exposed to repeated stress during five tours in Northern Ireland.

Mr New, 46, is believed to be the first to receive an award of this kind. The MoD had disputed the claim.
Good news for many who have been badly let down by the system. It really shouldn't need to come to this. I only hope it doesn't turn into a gravy train for lawyers and that those genuinely suffering from real PTSD are looked after.
Hopefully this will force a seachange in the way the MOD treat sufferers of PTSD
Mister_Angry said:
Ditto - but good for C/Sgt New. A distinguished soldier and clearly deserved every penny.
I served with Mal New and remember him at his best. He was a shadow of his former self when I ran into him a couple of years ago. He deserves every penny and I hope now that he gets the help he needs.
Clearly this is a major step forward in the relevant people realising that just cause you can't see it ,it doesn't mean it's not hurt.We are always told 'fit body, fit mind' ,well how about vica versa.The 'get a grip' mentality has got to stop at all levels when it comes to genuine mental illness. I don't know the exact figures so i won't quote them but there are some scary statistics about post war suicides amongst Falkland Vets. Mental illness is not a sign of weakness and can happen to anyone in your unit.
i wish C/Sgt New all the best for the future and hope that the payout improves his quality of life to some extent. All of us who serve have a duty to our soldiers, peers and superiors to take mental health as seriously as physical health. The next guy or girl that 'loses it' could be next to you on range day!!

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