Ex Soldier wins Gulf War Syndrome case, but didnt deploy...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TheBigUn, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. A former British soldier has won the right to claim a war pension on the basis of having Gulf War Syndrome, even though he never fought in the conflict, the Ministry of Defence said.

    Gulf War Syndrome Case Link Here
  2. How can you get 'Gulf War Syndrome' when you didn't actually get to the theater itself? Every case supposedly suffers from different symptoms and it's so bad that fatality rates are worse in soldiers that didn't go to the Gulf than those that did.

    Oh yes and this fella is quoted to say that he didn't do it for the money...... but he's claiming amongst other things all his dental bills for the last 20 years.... some €20,000.... so it's not for the money then huh?
  3. this is a very important case for all sufferers of GWS!

    this proves the facts that it was the vaccines - given too rapidly that was a danger, and a big,big contributor

    the same as you would test medicines normally - some would be given the real drug, others a placebo.

    He didnt deploy - wasnt exposed to Depleted Uranium, windfall from knocked out plants and factories of dubious nature

    so, if he got 20,000 - and we now can prove that GWS exists, how much will someone who deployed and is ill will get??

    I for one, am glad he won the money - better hope for the other poor souls
  4. As I understand it 'Gulf War Syndrome' is usually blamed on the various vaccinations, or rather the combination of vaccines given prior to, and during, the conflict. The only other potential causes of GWS for deplyed troops were NAPS tablets, exposure to Depleted Uranium and possible deployment of undetected Chemical Munitions.

    I cant find the recent thread that had links to the most recently published study that once again shows that GWS doesn't officially exist. This is doesn't help anyone suffering from genuine symptoms.
  5. if you like - Alex Izett is a lab rat, a control specimen

    kept in a sterile environment - fed all the vaccines and developed the illness GWS - that the yanks have recognised for at least the past ten years

    I have a friend with GWS - he was part of a special field lab unit - taking soil, water and air samples.

    so if Izett gets GWS in UK and my mate gets GWS in the sand - then Izett proves the case
  6. What exactly do people want? There is no single symptom or combination of symptoms that is suffered that are claimed to be caused by the various vaccines. It cannot be proved that any of these symptoms weren't going to develop whether the vaccines were given or not. If these vaccines weren't given there would have been an outcry that our troops weren't being given the best protection available.

    The fact that the claim has been awarded doesn't prove the vaccines were or weren't the cause or that there was or wasn't a Gulf War Syndrome. It does prove that someone got ill..... happens all the time, and people blame all sorts of things. If it's possible to claim against that cause all the better.... or so that seems.
  7. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Forgive me, but I thought by now it was obvious that what the troops want, is an MoD that looks out for them.

    I quite take your point that they could have been attacked for NOT giving the vaccines, but having given them - in great and undue haste, without proper testing of some of them, and with no idea what contra-indications were implied - it's a bit rich to then say "Nothing to do wtih us, here's yer medical discharge, now f*ck off and rot in the NHS", to avoid the cost of care for these guys.

    Especially when the Spams have long accepted the condition - however complex and non-specific - is a genuine one.
  8. I suspect one of the indicators of GWS is the effect if has had on the children of Gulf Vets. Does anyone have the rate of birth defects / medical problems amongst the kids compared to civvy rates? I know 3 guys I served with whose kids have serious problems. Heartbreaking stuff for them.

    Mind you, the MOD wouldn't lie to us about something as serious as GWS would they?
  9. A few people in the NHS take the birth defects thing seriously, when little zippy was on her way 3 years ago I mentioned it to the midwife at our first trip to ante-natal, she sh!t herself went to see a doctor scanned mrsZippy there and then although it was weeks before, she was due her first scan and scanned her about every 4 weeks after that, can't complain at that, FYI little Zippy has no birth defects but was 2 months prem.

    FWIW there being no solid link to any vaccine or Organo-phosphates or whatever else how about swimming in the Gulf (most polluted waterway in the world) as a cause.

  10. Have you looked up whats in NAPS, then checked medical database. Side effect of taking them is death.

    one tablet containing 30mg of pyridostigmine bromide to be taken orally every eight hours
  11. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    . . . that reminds me - to protect his position as Armed Forces Minister for the Army, Fattie (B'stard) Soames lied to the House of Commons about MoD's knowledge of their widespread use in GW1: destroyed a Crab officer's career in the process.

    Trust the MoD on Gulf War syndrome after that - I think not. 8)

    I bet the late Sir Winston Spencer Churchill is ever so proud of his grandson - the big sh*t.
  12. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    This is great news. Whilst I don't actually know of anyone who suffers with GWS, there were a suspiciously high number of birth defects in our Regiment in the couple of years after GW1.

    It's about time the MoD got screwed to the wall on this one. I hope that the Gulf Vets people are preparing a class action as we speak.
  13. You've gotta love that.