Ex-Soldier 'Will Kill Himself If Extradited To The US'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Charm_City, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. No great loss.
  2. Something isn't adding up about his service either
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  3. Anyone who risks life and limb protecing a " peace group " in a war zone regardless of how much they charge deserves all they get
  4. If his service in Iraq scared him so much why did he voluntarily head back there as a civvie? I look forward to Chubb's post on his RIP thread when he tops himself in flamboyant drama queen style.
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  5. Ah ... I only did a fortnight so missed it.
  6. I wouldn't give Peter ****ing Sutcliffe to the spanks never mind some random ex squaddie with few big dits

    How come we can't get rid of obviously anti British chods like Dr Hook but we are more than happy to roll over when big brother clicks his sinister revengy fingers

    US legal system sucks the big dogs cock, unless you have more money than God.

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  7. That was Fred McIntyre. He threatened to top himself if he had to eat another of his wife's tuna bakes.
  8. Well he's missing his Telic medal and considering he was running his own company in 2009 he's got his QDJM and the 2011 ACSM, though the latter could be explained if he applied for it after he left.

    According to this article: David McIntyre Extradition: Pressure On Home Secretary To Intervene Over Ex-Soldier he left in 2002, which explains the missing Telic medal and it says he served with the QLR and rejoined the RMP after his company went tits up in 2009 which explains the QDJM and ASCM, though he appears to be wearing a Para Reg tie.
  9. Hey come on, that mong who hacked the yanks defence computers pulled it off, why shouldn’t he?
  10. The telic medal was my first spot!! But according to another news article he rejoined as RMP in 2009 jus read it

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  11. He was running his own firm in 2009, yet has a photo rocking in mtp with ISAF badge. When was it rolled out?
  12. I've edited my earlier post, I found a link to an earlier article. He left in 2002, set up his own business, then rejoined the RMP in 2009.