Ex-soldier & Wife faces three years in hostel

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bullshit, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. Not sure if it is already a thread - but sad news anyway...

    Bedsit for soldiers family

  2. "there is a high demand for social houses."

    I'm sure there is,half the fcukers are being lived in by people who have never put a penny into the country and are bleedin the rest of us dry.
  3. Steady on there.
    You are supposed to be happy to help out the dregs of the world and provide for them.
  4. It could be worse.....they could be on the streets.
  5. It could be even worse than that. They could be back in MQ.

    Satire is not dead, people.
  6. While it may well be true, the main problem is that councils haven't been allowed to build new council houses for a damned long time. I believe that it's only recently been overturned.
  7. I'm surprised he can't get private accommodation, if he's unemployed he can then get his rent paid. Sometimes you have to help yourselves a little, after 8 years in the Army he should have a little more savvy. Sympathy about being in a bedsit but, don't complain about a fez cooker, clean the bugger!
  8. Lewisham wouldn't have half the housing crisis it has if their planners had thought ahead. They received X-amount of millions from the government for the Deptford regeration scheme in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
    Instead of improving housing, creating housing, generally creating a nicer Lewisham, they decided to knock down and estate of 3,000 (?) properties at Surrey Docks (sorry Surrey QUAYS) station. They flattened a low rise block of flats, Merrick House, on Pepys Estate to make way for a basketball court, and sold off one of the tower blocks, Aragon Tower, to private developers - there was even a documentary about it on BBC1 called "The Tower" a few months back. None of these properties were replaced, upward of 4,000 families had to be rehoused.
    Meanwhile, they can still find plenty of money for the one legged, lesbian, single parent kebab evenings and the "regeneration money" has been spent on shopping centres, DLR stations, some went towards the new Den, 2 new leisure centres (one in Deptford, one in Downham)
    Yes, Lewisham looks a lot prettier than it did when I left there 10 years ago, but the housing crisis has reached epidemic proportions.

    Sorry, not got a lot of facts, this is all written from memory.

    If the lad has any sense he'll get himself a job in another borough, thereby qualifying for their housing list.
  9. I was in the same boat when I left 3 years ago. Thankfully some friends put me up (and put up with me!) for 3 years. Even now I can't afford a mortgage and even though I work for the council its been impossible to get a look in on any social housing. Meanwhile the 17 year old lad who works as a cleaner part time at our place walks in the door, says his mum is kicking him out and has an almost brand new flat within a couple of months ffs!!

    I'm now house sharing with a work mate and having to count every penny I have to get by. Hopefully the 3% pay rise thats been agreed will put a few more pennies in my pocket on the run up to Christmas. Still 3% of not much is still not much!!

    I think that its about time councils had to reserve a percentage of housing for ex-service personnel much the same way as they seem to have an endless supply of flats and houses for all the teenage single mums I see at the counter every damn day :/
  10. It comes down to the immigration problem again doesn't it?
    Asylum seekers are coming before people like pensioners and veterans for housing!
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Same here except it was 7 year wait here,Thankfully,I only waited 5yr.Had I been a bit more 'savvy' when I was in I would've planned ahead in case of my redundency.
    But my neighbour's daughter waited 10 months after she dropped a sprog.
  12. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Saw that on the Beeb - all I can say is that it's a hell of a lot bigger and a lot nicer than my "studio flat" (I use the term in it's London estate agent sense) for which I pay £800 a month for without any assistance from anyone.
  13. Sorry,wasn't thinkin straight,I'll get up at dark o'clock in the morning and go to work while most of the civilised world sleeps and put some more money in the pot for the lazy useless fcukin idle cnuts that have never done fcuk all for the benefit of the rest of the country but scrounge off the state .

    ....and breathe..........
  14. I'm finding all this talk of people not being able to get council housing after they leave the forces a bit strange.

    About 3 months before I left the army i asked my AO to write me a letter that I could give to the council asking them to provide me with accommodation on my departure from HM Forces. I handed the letter into the council within a week of leaving the Army and was give 3 options on 2 apartment flats in my local town. 2 of these were in the less desirable areas more associated with drunks and junkies, the 3rd one however was in a rather nice part of town. I obviously took that one and all this happened within a year of leaving.

    Now maybe my council are pro forces and I did grow up in the area, i don't know, but what is the criteria for other councils?