Ex-soldier who stole £40 in Help For Heroes charity scam

Treat him for depression
Psychiatric evaluation to determine if he genuinely has a problem - in which case help him.
If he doesnt have a genuine problem and is just a thieving toe-rag, jail him and also make him pay the money he scammed to the charity he claimed to be collecting for - with interest.
Call me overly sympathetic but it sounds like he needs a leg up. This offence and the previous one for stealing a purse from a supermarket staff room are not exactly top of the range thieving where he was living the good life on the proceeds of his criminal lifestyle. It is of course pretty much as low as you can get impersonating a Help for Heroes collector but his proceeds were almost nothing in real terms. Has he slipped through the PTSD net or is he genuinely desperately in need of help for any other reason? I don't know and he might just be simply a thieving twat but sometimes, there is more of a story than just whats printed in the news.
I didn't know a symptom of PTSD was to become a thieving ****.
Surely most squaddies display symptoms of redistributing 'stuff'
I didn't know a symptom of PTSD was to become a thieving ****.
I'm not an expert on PTSD but I agree with you.

There might be other causes though for his thieving that may or may not be related to PTSD or it could be as simple as having no job, nowhere to live and no prospects of any kind at all that have caused him to resort to thieving. He could alternatively knuckle down and get a job and get on with his life but sometimes, for some people, life ain't that simple. Some people need some kind of intervention in their lives to move forward and live decent lives.

He might be like that or he might just be a thieving ****. I don't know and truthfully, neither do you. However I trust that the authorities have made a proper assessment and four months in nick is the best way forward for him. They always get it right you know.
this poor chap should be made to stand in front of the vsi, si ,i, troops and explain why he had away with 40 sheets,,,,,,
From the article "His psychological problems had affected his judgement and led him to embark on a crime spree" nicking a wallet and conning some old dears out of 40 Quid a ******* crime spree? I must have been Al Capone in my teens


I m outraged. I m outraged that those cnuts Alec Webster and Ryan Byrne from Ptsdworldwide have nt (yet) been prosecuted, and considering that they undoubtedly scammed 100x of what this guy has just shows the differences in policing throughout the UK.

Webster and co, believe me, you ll **** up big time at some point in your life (murder charges after battering that Fat-**** thing of a wife maybe), cos you are a dishonest anti-social Scab.

Ptsd worldwide alec webster ryan byrne ptsd theft scam deceit fraud benefit fraud walt "soldier" conman thief


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£40 for tapping on a few coffin dodgers doors? Cracking idea. Hortense, clear my diary for the weekend. I shall require my cavalry twill strides, sports jacket and those medals you were polishing for my Remembrance Day run-out. And I shall borrow that poppy you bought.

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