Ex-Soldier to be evicted from pill-box

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by still21inmymind, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. If state-sponging junkies can claim squatters rights on properties worth millions, which they have entered by (unproven) illegal means, why can't this bloke be left in peace and granted similar rights?

    Sounds like a clever place to make a home:

    Google Earth Community; Defence of Britain

    - sorry, don't know how to link, but there are some photos of the pillbox before it was occupied.
  2. True. Many chav council tenants convert reasonable homes into dumps in short time, whereas this guy has maintained and improved. What p1sses me off is what the money grabbibg owners, Leverhulme Estates, hope to do with it, it's hardly a des 'res', is it?

    Anybody know the Law regarding squatter's rights?
  3. IIRC after 12 years with no complaints he owns it. That explains his claiming to be there 12 years. Pretty sure he can find some witnesses if he knows where to go. *waves*
  4. Considering the location, it's hardly likely to be a prime candidate for development.

    Though, having said that, the plot of land it's on (80m x20m) isn't particularly suited to agriculture, so would probably make a tempting site for a 5-6 bedroom country home. Not sure about the risk of flooding, though. But then, developers don't worry about such things.
  5. Another non story next!
  6. Piccies of various pillboxes HERE for those interested.
  7. somebody sign him out an old Bren gun and let the tight fisted landlords take it off him then.

    Great journalism though:

    "IT’S a wartime relic – a tiny but supposedly impenetrable box from which our brave Home Front boys planned to surprise the Germans."

    Impenetrable my ass. Our pill box system was hardly the maginot line and the picture shows that the siting would have hardly caused much suprise to the Hun hordes had they arrived in Liverpool. :roll:
  8. More worryingly, is this the best a country can do for its ex-soldiers ? Even if he was just a plate washer in the mess surely the country ows him somethng ?
  9. come on if he moves out , back under a bridge-20 polaks can move in instead. forward thinking by the council..
    homes for heroes..think how many polaks will fit in the tower of london..
  10. Five years continuous occupancy I think - I believe He has it in spades. Do we have any solicitors on the forum who are near enough to help Him fight His battle?
  11. Somebody should check the local Listed Buildigs List - and if it ain't on there then slap it on. That should feck the developers right up!
  12. The GHQ line was designed to hold the boxheads until the Navy could get its arrse down from Scapa and cause some havoc. The problem with them now is - tha lie of the land has changed and so have the fields of fire and observation. The IWM has done a lot of work on these things and my comments on listing it was only slightly tongue in cheek :D
  13. Gutted, I'd booked a fortnight in there with my family for next june.