ex soldier needs help, possibly???????

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by u_didnt_c_me_i_wasnt_ther, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. hi troops, not posted on the arrse for a while due to work ommitments but have just got back into the swing of things so apologies for posting this as a 1st posting in quite a while.
    right here goes - i was looking through ebay today to find out some prices of things as im looking to have a clear out.
    came across this item no 190047871956. (will try to add link)

    now i was wondering if this is a wah or whether this is ligit.
    it wouldn't surprise me if this old soldier is down on his luck due to ptsd and being abandoned by big liz's gov't. if it is true then maybe a bid or two could help, the last thing id like to see is this gadgee selling off his gongs when all he needs is pointing in the right direction towards professional help.
    could the story be checked out about the mbe?

    read the link and see what you think


    what are your thought on this troops?
  2. Not sure about it being a book as some of the pics are pinned to a wall????
  3. ive e-mailed the seller to ask if professional help has been sought.
    il post the answer IF i get one, suggested the legion,ssafa etc.
  4. Combat Stress, Army Benevolent Fund perhaps?
  5. If its legit, its sad, but lets look at the dates this guy is quoting:

    Gulf 1990 and the book and pics you can get anwhere,

    Sri Lanka in 1997 getting an MBE for saving lives of tourists whilst under automatic fire????

    And I dont like this quote: "Not just for his accounts of numerous military conflicts"

    Discharged in 2004?

    so doing my sums, if he joined up just before the first Gulf war, he would be 18 (ish) and in Sri Lanka in 1997 he could have been 25 and discharged in 2004 he could be about 32, so the question to ask this seller is, how old is this guy? and what regiment he wa serving in, but the Sri Lanka bit doesnt sit well with me IMHO

    As always, Im happy to be proved wrong, but old age and experience makes me a cynical old twat and its ebay, so no love lost there then.

    If he comes back and hes says ex regiment its a non starter for me
  6. my theory entirely emptyeye, as always i like to check these things out, its fine selling a set of trops as ex sas,para etc,etc,etc but playing on peoples sympathies to get extra bids is down right wrong.
    surely you would'nt get the mbe for a bravery act?????????
    could the mbe story be checked, surely its must be published somewhere.
  7. Agreed, IF he has done this act, why would HM Govt give him an MBE, surely this is more apt?

    George Medal (GM). Instituted by King George the Sixth in 1940 to recognise civilian bravery. It is now available to recognise conspicuous gallantry not in operations against the enemy. Between 1993 and 2002 15 awards were made mainly to Servicemen for bomb and explosive
    ordnance device disposals. It is a silver medal suspended from a red ribbon bearing five vertical blue stripes.

    and just to add:

    The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

    Instituted by King George the Fifth in 1917 as an Order of Knighthood. The Military Division comprises five classes. The first class Knight or Dame Grand Cross (GBE), second class Knight or Dame Commander (KBE or DBE), third class Commander (CBE), fourth class officer (OBE) and fifth class Member (MBE). Each class, dependent upon the rank of the recipient, is bestowed for meritorious service. The Medal of the Order (BEM) was discontinued in the United Kingdom in 1993
  8. I'd like more details too , any chance of finding out his Regiment?
  9. This guy needs to get his dates right, Discharged in 2004 and yet, he states:

    Unable to work now for the past five years, suffering with severe depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,

    ermm I know im thick but, discharged 2004 to 2006 is 2 years not 5
  10. Maybe legit but...

    Isn't the MBE awarded for non combatant roles?. Surely, this guy would have been given a Gallantry award!

    Something smelly maybe.....
  11. tried searching the london gazzette for enties in 1998 but cant find owt
    i smell a walt
  12. I think that the seller maybe did a break and enter on some married quarters in JHQ... Stole all that crap from an old MFO box...

    Then made up the whole thing... Not a bad way to earn 45 quid??? Then again a job would perhaps yield far better results...

    If I am wrong and this bloke really is who he is made out to be, then I hope he won't beat me up... But if he can't work for 5 years, then he likely wont be much good at brawling?

    Still its working because there is no shortage of bids...
  13. Fellas

    A reply to my email to this seller:Dunno who the VDCS is, anyone know?, and heres a bit about the bombing, no mention about any Brit getting involved in any firefight.


    Any RA arrsers can verify this story?

    Hi Ray, I have indeed nothing to hide as it is very much legitimate! He is 41 years old and was first in the Royal Artillery before he changed Regiments. I will read you a very small part from the citation for which he received the MBE: Staff Sergeant ........ was required to report on the Sri Lankan World Trade Center bombing incident, which he did at once with no regard for his personal safety. The terrorists were still at large and found himself under effective enemy fire from automatic weapons... I think this should be enough infomation for you to verify his story with the MOD! The MBE was approved by the VCDS on 21 May 1998. But I will do, is to post his name for all to see - If you are indeed an ex soldier, as you say you are, you will understand why!!! Regards, Marion
  14. And an age issue here too SSgt in 1997? Awarded an MBE in 1998 and he was ex RA, should be easy to find if its legit
  15. Well i was in op granby and some barsteward nicked my photo album (dont reconise any of them photos as mine LOL)luckely i still got some of the negs. By the way i am stil serving so its not impossible!!