Ex Soldier Looking To Join TA Quick Question??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by DracRAF, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, I am am an Ex Soldier (29), previously in the RLC as a Driver, Served 6 years and left as a Lance jack, I have been out now since returning from the gulf in 2003 (quite some time now). I am looking to join the TA as I miss the regs but unfortunatly have tried to rejoin twice and have been unsuccessful :( My question is about deployments, I am not bothered about these as I have been just about everywhere while in the regs, but I am at the moment in full time further education at college, and I am concerned that if i were deployed either peace keeping or war which ever, would I have to go? My concerned rests with my college education nothing more, so please no comments saying "man up" or "dont join if you dont want to deploy" because that just isnt helpful. Many thanks in advance Paul :thumright:
  2. Students can't be called up.
  3. Madeleine's in Vlotho ?
    20th Century Sex in Hannover ?
    Linien Str. in Dortmund ?
    That naughty little place just over the Polle Ferry ?

    That list ain't bad for a Tit who's never been to BAOR, is it ?
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  4. What?
  5. Ahh right ok, so is it possible to volunteer for deployment during the summer as I have between june/july to september off?
  6. Thought you'd been everywhere, if you don't know any of these select locations, you
    may consider editing your 1st Post.
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  7. Omg are you serious?? ever heard of a figure of speech? (everywhere - not to be taken literally noone in the forces has been literally EVERYWHERE) but thanks for your ever so helpful contribution!
  8. Are you being a Bully ?
    I'll lay odds that the guy you mention..noone, hasn't been literally everywhere, either.
  9. Flash Message for Abdullah....'Put the War on Hold, Paul can't come till June'
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  10. Paul, you will only be deployed at present when you volunteer to deploy. There have been no compulsory mobilisation (generally speaking) for some years. If you volunteer for deployment and are selected to go then yes you would have to go. Hopefully this answers your question.

    On a seperate note please be aware that although you will (eventually) get the advice you seek through these forums you need to have a sense of humour! Also you may wish to reconsider your profile name and your avatar, from the information it contains I already have access to your previous service records, your address and phone numbers (and it wasn't very difficult). Remember PERSEC.
  11. Hi thanks for your helpful reply, I do have a sense of humour however not impressed when you first join a forum, you start getting called a tit etc, as for the info a change is on its way cheers :D
  12. Whoa, there, Trigger.....if you read that correctly, you will, I hope realise that the
    'TIT' is me.....you'd better get your sense of humour back, sharpish, mate.
  13. I apologise my mistake, I obviously read it wrong Its been a long week :(
  14. I have heard of short tours, but they tend to be trade specific.

    If you are looking to do the TA to fund the way through education, I would not rely on it as a regular, income, or one that you can sustain your self on.

    If you are coming to do the uni thing, unless you are doing something mickey mouse, keep in mind it courses get full on in the final year.

    If you are going to use the time to get your life together, so you can deploy once your education is complete, and just want something different to break it up, by all means get involved. But the deployment bit, is kind of the name of the game.

    And if you want advice on units, try and find one relative to your course.
  15. I'm not looking at it for a regular income as my wife is a teacher and im a kept man lol, niether will it be funding my way through education as its paid for already, It is more on the side that i miss the forces and am happy to deploy once i finish, due to the fact I am already sorted for next years course that isnt a worry either :D