Ex-Soldier killed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by James51234, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. "Two men who kicked a former soldier to death in Port Talbot, south Wales, have been given life sentences."

    Fcukin chav scrotes, Makes me sick. Prisons too good for them...

    To the deceased, RIP mate, you will be remembered.

  2. RIP fella
  3. RIP lets hope they get no parole for sixty years

    Christ. If they're too chickenshit, I'll ******* hang them myself.
  5. If any help is needed just give me a call, I'd be only too willing to hang the scum, cnuts :pissedoff:
  6. What ever happened to penal battallions?They should be posted with the deceased's unit for a week. Reckon it wouldnt take longer than that...
  7. Hope they meet some ex Welsh guard in the nick whether its a screw or a prisoner

    RIP to the victim and my prayers at this time go to his family!!
  8. RIP and God speed.

    IF this so-called government will not bring back Hanging, then LIFE should mean LIFE!

    These two are SCUM amd don't deserve to be in prison at the tax payers expence!

    Chain Gangs and breaking rocks for the rest of their lives!
  9. Time for an, ahem, little accident :roll:
  10. RIP mate, condolences to the family, this Country is far to soft. Hang the Bastards.
  11. Ashamed; totally ashamed to be Welsh following this.

    Forget the 'death sentence'. Until there is a revolution in this sad and disreputable nation (thank you Bliar; you squinting shite), we shall go on paying for the filth we capture, try and convict (not many I accept).

    Anyone worked out how much of his/her tax is spent paying for filth to be housed, clothed and fed? No I thought not!

    Just go on voting for 'Bottler' and his repellent coterie.

    PS. Happy and proud to be an 'Oxygen Thief'.
  12. Couldn't put it any better

    Hanging is probably too good for these scrotes, yet i'd guess they'll get community service in an open prioson,conjujal visit rights and Sky t.v. in their rooms (they don't have cells )
    Makes me ashamed to be British
  13. RIP Guardsman. Feckin barstewards should serve some time in the Battalion, let the Taffs deal with them in their own way.
  14. Really makes me sick when scrotes like this do this, the same happened to my Aunties Husband but 4 youths were in volved. They should feel what it is like an given a good kicking to an ich of their life
  15. yet another let down by a weak and corrupt govornment..i bet they will be out in 6 years.. i swear i cant be the only person that thinks a couple of months of martial law would be the best cure for the UK?