Ex Soldier hounded out of the ACO

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jasevx, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. I think kellam's got the best solution

    Strangely, this is Kellam! Nipped into mates house after a BFT and to check on this site, surprised to see my nonce on here!

    I still can't believe he's still in the Corps never mind on a Squadron. We ad the best Sqn in the Wing when the boss was removed, we went from a 100 cadets to parading 15 in 6 months.

    I still want to kill the prick, and I've been talked out of it more than once by many people. I'm not a Cadet to push around anymore, I'm a brain dead Para!

    To be honest, if the ATC don't sort the tosser out, I will, but I've been told to be patient and let the system work, but its been 2 years now. I was going to the cops but being part of an assault investigation would have meant the paras refering my training by a year, and my career comes first.

    Funny, out of those who he bullied, 2 of us are paras now, ones a marine and the 4 others squaddies or crabs, we should get together and put on a party for him
  2. Concurred. Give the cnut a total shoeing - enough to prevent him from showing up at the squadron for a few weeks... at least! Fcuk trying to do things the 'right' way, as it clearly is not working.
  3. Get the feeling 2 Para maybe visiting the Squadron?

    Reading it, tho hes not at that specific squadron anymore, moved to safer pastures!

    At least theres some good support, and nice to see the kids sticking together, make good squaddies!