Ex-Soldier Flies Flag - Council Objects

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trollage, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. EXCLUSIVE: Ex-soldier in row with council over Union Jack tribute (From St Helens Star)

    I had a look, couldn't find it elsewhere.

    A former soldier is battling over the right to fly the Union Jack in his garden... [he] served with the 1st Battalion, Duke of Lancaster’s regiment in Iraq and Afghanistan... [his 10ft flagpole] “I put up the flag as a memorial to mates I lost in Afghanistan... but it seems some of my neighbours have complained to the council, who sent me a snotty letter saying I have to take it down.
    "It says it’s not suitable for the area. They claim it’s in breach of planning control and any development should ‘respect the character’ of the local site... A council spokesperson explained: “We are in talks with Mr O’Neill to resolve the issue.”

    In itself the story is not untypical, what I found interesting was one of the posts at the bottom.

    Bob Spink: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister (1) what planning restrictions apply to (a) the erection of flag poles and (b) the flying of national flags; and if he will make a statement;

    Keith Hill: Under the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 1992 ("the regulations"), prior local planning authority consent is not required, in respect of a site where planning permission has been granted for residential development, so long as the flagstaff is vertical, does not exceed 4.6 metres in height, and is not within a conservation area, area of outstanding natural beauty, National Park, the Broads area or an area of special control under the regulations. The flag advertisement can only be displayed for the period of one year. Otherwise express consent from the local planning authority is required.

    National flags are exempt from control under the regulations provided each flag is flown from a single vertical flagstaff and it does not have anything else added to the design of the flag or any advertising material added to the flagstaff. We shall be amending the Regulations to exempt from control national flags however they are flown from a flagstaff.

    Be nice if that is accurate and anyone who wants to fly a union jack can tell local muppets to get stuffed.
  2. 'Ex-soldier thinks he can ignore planning regulations, refuses to communicate with council when contacted forcing them to pass the case to their legal department'.
  3. Oh Dear, just wait until 'This Boils My Piss of Thirsk' reads that. There'll be half eaten bacon sarnies chucked all over the kitchen this morning and tonight's planned curry takeaway from The Star Of India will be cancelled in favour of good old English fish and chips, as they all look like bloody muslims anyway.
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  4. Aye whey tell him to fly an east European flag & he'll probably get the big thumbs up.
  5. If you read further down it looks like the council are in the process of issuing an apology and he can crack on flying the flag so no harm done
  6. JP47 - Shhh...it's the weekend - people need to be outraged for no reason, to fill their otherwise empty lives.
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  7. My point was that it appears to fall outside the required planning regulations, perhaps you missed that bit?
  8. Nope. If it falls outside the planning regulations then hard luck.

    Apart from it being modern Britain so whining in the paper will probably get him what he wants.

  9. Bus is back in the garage , I was going to suggest he painted his garage door as one big Union Jack , no law against that , is there?
  10. Aye.it might upset the Muslims.
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  11. It would upset me because it would look ****ing stupid, tacky and something a bigot like you may get a hard on over
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  12. I think you may have the wrong end of the stick here jbm. The point Tollage is trying to make is that it is EXEMPT from planning laws therefore the council can wind their neck in.
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  13. **** me,are the frothers are on weekend release?
  14. Flagstaffs flying the Union Flag or any other flag for that matter look fine in certain gardens, usually detached buildings with a bit of architectural style. They look ridiculously naff when in a bog standard front or rear garden of a house on a housing estate.
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